......... is/are for Fags

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  1. Fill in the blank

    Macs are for fags.
  2. Pink and purple money is for fags:

  3. Soy milk is for fags.
  4. The Disney Channel is for fags.
  5. The colour pink is for fags.
  6. San Francisco is for Fags?? Sorry it's the best I could do :/

  7. The TV show Glee is for fags.
  8. Owl City albums are for fags.
  9. Talent shows are for fags

  10. PVCF is for fags. Oh snap!

    Saying "Oh snap!" is for fags.
  11. Guitar Hero

  12. I approve of this thread and I will thus probably be adding to it a lot in time.
  13. Skinny jeans are for fags.

  14. I had skinny jeans... until I got pubic hair.
  15. Indeed, skinny jeans are for fags, hipsters and scene kids. I was resistant all throughout highschool, but I finally succumbed during a certain very wild phase in my life (identity crisis) and I walked around with jeans so tight they were nearly tights.

    The best size to get is, obviously, not too baggy or not too tight. Wear what is comfortable and what fits.
  16. Those three need a dry slap for looking like that.
  17. Twilight is for fags.
  18. Whut the hell is a dry slap? What kind of slaps are you giving, when you need to differentiate between a "dry" and a "wet" slap?
  19. A dry slap hurts more. A wet slap is sexual perhaps. ;)
  20. Still begs the question as to why you need to preface it with the word dry.

    Today I had a wet drink