It's all over for Megaupload

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  1. The prosecutors sound like the MPAA/RIAA guys.. lame labeling of people.

    I don't know how much this effects you guys.. but I get quite a bit of stuff that's posted on megaupload. subtitled foreign tv shows and android development files. Their 800MB limit per file is a godsend for most groups. Those assholes should've been paying their fees.
  2. Looks like those Anonymous hacker dudes took down the MPAA, RIAA, Universal Music, and United States DOJ sites in light of this. At least for a little bit. The MPAA and DOJ sites seem to be pulling up now.. just really slowly.
  3. lol god that's dumb... they seriously hacked into federal government sites are they nuts??
  4. Have you followed their activities in the past? Not out of their usual theme.
  5. Tax evasion... the one crime the us government actually cares about.
  6. Torrents are a better way of doing things anyway, because it's all distributed and hard for them to really crack down on anything other than the trackers, which can be moved around.
  7. Indeed, but the megaupload guys were all in it for the money though. $$$ subscription plans and whatnot.
  8. No kidding:

    This demonstrates that we don't really need some draconian law like SOPA. The feds and the media companies already have plenty of power to shut down infringing sites. Probably too much power.
  9. I love how this is displayed under latest post as 'its all over for me'
  10. The only thing surprising about this is how long it took for operations like Megaupload to be taken to court.
  11. Honestly, a shame that it was taken down. Maybe they did some wrong things, but it was my main source of getting some TV shows and movies that I don't have access to on cable in Canada. :-\
  12. They used to be fast as fuck too... Every other file host throttles at an obnoxious ~150kb limit.
  13. Looks like some other "digital locker" firms are shutting off the ability to download anything other than what you personally uploaded...which probably means those guys are also making sh*tloads of $$ off piracy just like Kim DotCom and are hoping to avoid losing it. Tsk, tsk, such greed!

    Affiliates rewards? Hmmm, I'm guessing many of those "users" getting the rewards were actually just 3rd party pirate groups that are paid to rip content and post it...just in case the actual users aren't posting the popular stuff fast enough to drive traffic.
  14. Yeah I tried to get a file from FileSonic this weekend ti jailbreak my phone. All downloads were suspended other than your own uploads.
  15. yeah I noticed this back when I had 16mbit internet. Sendspace is REALLY good to.
  16. The guy running Megaupload is apparently a fat douchebag who plays a lot of Modern Warfare 3. He's notorious for cheating in games. And he legally changed his last name to Dotcom.

    All that money and he's still playing on a console and a really average looking HDTV?
  17. I was surprised to find out it was a man named Kim... the obesity thing isn't so much a surprise. Statistics and the name change to "dotcom" could've predicted that.
  18. He sounds like a major kid who still lives with daddy. Although with all that money his Dad probably lives with him.
  19. Actually he sounds more like a globe trotting 007 supervillain according to this. I guess he's settled down in recent years. He's scammed people out of a lot of money in several countries.