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Discussion in 'Technology' started by bfun, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Can a person using iTunes on a Macbook load music onto a non-iPod mp3 player?
  2. Of course not. Macs are useless.
  3. you're using a macbook and itunes and you're looking to use it with a non apple related device?

  4. Why not just upload music from your music library folder on your Mac instead?
  5. The answer is for someone else and I know nothing about Macbooks.
  6. So they could drag and drop from a file explorer?
  7. Just drag and drop from a folder on the Mac that has all of the songs in. I am not to sure if it is just on Itunes itself as I only use Itunes to listen to music as I don't have an Iphone or Ipod.
  8. bfun, what type of mp3 player are they using? Without that information, you're really limited on your help for them. ipod/iphone needs itunes (or 3rd party application that is compatible), zune uses it's own software, etc. Not all mp3 players are capable of drag and drop.
  9. I thought they all did. All the MP3 players I have had have been. You just pop it in and its own folder for music files pops up. Then I just drag and drop or copy to that said folder.


    Actually thinking back, my first MP3 player was a Sony one and it needed its own software. Gay times.
  10. Throw the macbook in the dumpster. Buy a real computer. Problem solved.

    Or if there isn't a dumpster nearby you could put bootcamp on it and install Windows 7.
  11. Good point. I'll ask her. This is for someone who suffers from a disability and no one is able to help her. Figured I'd tap the PVC brain trust.
  12. Tell her to get an iPod.
  13. The two choices for her would be:

    A. Find/use an iTunes software alternative for OS X to organize her music. Once you know what device she has, look for a device user forum for OS X and see what people are using/suggesting. Songbird is one possible alternative for OS X.


    B. Drag and drop files from the User/Music/iTunes folder that she already has on her Mac. It's much more convenient to go with choice 'A' though.
  14. Here is my question. I open iTunes on my Mom's Mac. Any song demo that I try to play buffers like crazy. It might play for 2 seconds then buffer for 4 then play for 2 then buffer for 4, and so on. However I can stream a whole movie preview on iTunes without issue. The Internet connection is fine and I can stream music demos from Amazon without a hitch. Right now the iTunes store is unusable for music demos. I think the problem started a few days ago. I don't have the Mac in front of me so I can't do any further testing. Whats my problem?

    I expect a better answer than this piece of gold.

  15. cmdr has changed a lot since then. I think Stockholm syndrome was the culprit.
  16. Check the App Store for system updates. If everything is updated, then it's likely a temporary issue. I'm running Yosemite and not having any problems like that on a DSL connection this AM. Takes less than a second to buffer, no stalling or additional buffer time.