Jay and Silent Bob's super Groovy Cartoon Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. They are back in cartoon form, but still bring the usual.


    Apart from the crappy animation it looks quite funny.
  2. Crappy animation? How dare you! That's the work of Steve Stark. He used to animate the Smodimations before he was brought in on this project. They started getting other animators to do it but they simply didn't have the charming visual style of Mr Stark.

  3. That animation is pretty bad, reminded me of the ctrl-alt-del animated series. Which was very bad.
  4. Knowing Smith though he has chosen this type of animation for a reason. His other Jay and Silent Bob cartoon series had better animation than this film.
  5. Cheapness?
  6. I never said the animation was great but it's better than a lot of the shit you see on YouTube these days.
  7. Isn't this being shown in cinemas though? Some sort of screening tour.
  8. I think so. Much like the Red State tour when Kevin Smith would take the film to select theatres then do a q&a afterwards. Still, the fans of smodimations have been clamouring for more stark for a while now, there's definitely an audience for it.

    Fun fact: Although Kevin Smith wrote it the film was produced by Jason Mewes. He's definitely grown as a person due to the podcasts since as I'm sure you know he spent many years being a recurring drug addict loser.