Jon Stewart's last day!

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by supersonic, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. :'(

    Comedy Central released the finale in full:
  2. That was worse than the season finale of the sopranos. I haven't actually seen that finale but I assume it was better than this.
  3. Yeah it was just a big circle jerk of old cast members. Not really all that funny or interesting.

    The Daily Show has been unfunny and past it's prime for awhile now. It seemed to have the same problem as SNL, where any of the cast members with any talent, like Steve Carell or Colbert, moved on to bigger and better things. Stewart himself often had insightful things to say, but I rarely found him laugh out loud funny. Colbert and lots of satire of the Bush/Cheney regime were the best things to come out of The Daily Show.
  4. I enjoyed it, but I will say Jon Stewart was the 3rd best thing to come out of The Daily Show. Stephen Colbert is a close second to John Oliver in my opinion. His show being on HBO (no advertisers) allows him to burn his targets much harder than Stewart/Colbert ever could or did.

    I thought it was stupid at first, but have concluded it was a solid finale. The ending was not ambiguous and fit nicely.