Juice spill in a laptop....\"Help\"

Discussion in 'Technology' started by CaptainScarlet, Sep 6, 2011.

  1. My niece surfing the web in the bed with orange juice,uhhhhh! :(
    now the consequences.
    What chemical agent i should use to clean up the laptop,as i see the juice spreads in the motherboard, i began cleaning the keyboard with alcohol and swabs .
    any suggestion will be appreciate.
  2. Pull the battery and clean what you can with Alcohol. Then bury the laptop in uncooked rice in a sealed container for 48 hours.
  3. ether.

    on your niece.
  4. will be safe to use qtips or swabs due to statics?
  5. Tooth brush would work better. Qtips leave fibers behind. Make sure the alcohol is like 99%. There are also electronics cleaning products like this.


    The rice idea is only necessary if you have fluid trapped somewhere. It works on phones so it should probably work on laptops.
  6. Use acetone or high purity isopropyl alcohol like bfun suggested.

    I would use coffee filters to do the scrubbing.
  7. I have no idea if you're being serious or not.
  8. You never heard of this before? I actually have no idea if you're being serious or not.
  9. yes he's serious, unkooked rice soaks up water.
  10. .......About soak electronics devices on rice...YES i see the news and they use mobil phones to perform this experiment.
    The blackberries are the best they tend to ressurect.
    Iphone the worse after the experiment still dead cuz you cannot remove the battery :) :lol: :p .

    Thanks everybody i think i will use ether in my niece jaja
    just kidding

    I will try alcohol and the electronic cleaner of radio shack
    thanks again.
  11. Oh don't forget that their may be a CMOS battery. That's got to come out to be safe.
  12. How did this turn out?