Kaby Lake-X, Skylake-X, Skylake-SP, Core i9

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  1. I think Intels new lineup is rather confusing. Skylake-X will have 6 cores or more while Kabylake-X will have 4 cores or less. Kaby Lake-X will drop the integrated graphics that were in Kaby Lake. Both core-x chips will use the same X299 motherboard but will have different memory channel configurations. Skylake-X is still considered an enthusiast CPU and Intel will be releasing a Skylake-SP Xeon CPU for servers.


    To make things even more confusing Intel says they will be releasing the 4/6 core Coffee Lake later this year which seems more like a true successor to Kaby Lake. I'm guessing Kaby Lake-X was just a stop gap.

    Linus explains why Kaby Lake-X on X299 makes no sense.

  2. Good grief what is happening at Intel. They were supposed to be on their 10nm process 5 years ago and now they are saying they'll finally see 10nm laptop CPU in the second half of 2021. Desktop 7nm wont be out until 2022 or 2023. Today they are reorganizing and there are rumors they are considering offloading their fabrication to other companies like Samsung.
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    Yeah Intel is swirling down the shitter. They were on top of the world for so long that they became lazy and complacent and they had no idea how to respond to real competition from AMD in the form of Ryzen, and they still don't have a real response to it several years later. They are selling overpriced, mediocre CPUs while AMD is selling cheap, powerful CPUs that give you a lot of cores and threads. The Spectre and Meltdown mitigation stuff hit their chips hard, but barely affected AMD. Apple is dropping them for their own ARM based A series chips. And now they are having process and fabrication issues. If you believe they will turn things around long term this would probably be a good time to buy Intel stock. I have no idea though. AMD was struggling, but always had a long term plan to turn things around and now they have. I don't see the same kind of fighting spirit, leadership, or long term vision from Intel. I also suspect that their upcoming Xe graphics card launch is going to be a gigantic flop that will be a laughing stock and get them into even more trouble.

    Basically they've lost Apple to Apple's own internal chip design, and they've lost the PC gaming/enthusiast market to AMD Ryzen. Those were their big cash cows. I doubt there's much money in making Celerons and Core i3s for throwaway race to the bottom dumpster tier Amazon and Walmart $300 laptops. Wonder if they'll even survive at this point.
  4. they probably got the business sector in lockdown still. once they lose that, it's all over.

    I haven't been on the amd platform since my athlon64. this'll be interesting for my next upgrade
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    Apple ditching Intel is going to be a double whammy too. Not just the revenue loss but the fact that Apple are adopting ARM means that software vendors such as Adobe will now be creating and optimising native ARM versions of Apps which in turn will make Windows on ARM more viable than it currently is.

    People have been saying that x86 is going to struggle to be relevant long term for quite a while now. Vendors such as Amazon have huge ARM clusters available in the cloud now and we will likely see it become more and more prevalent in the desktop space in the coming years. Even AMD will need to be mindful of this as once things get going, they could quickly be left behind if they don't have a RISC based long term plan!

    RISC to kill off CISC by 2030?

    I saw a rumour than NVIDIA are looking to aquire ARM, could be a VERY smart move.

    EDIT: Also, I forgot to add that TSMC have their 3nm process on the roadmap to be ready by around the time Intel hits 7nm so AMD could be another process or two ahead by then. TSMC 5nm mass production should start this year.
  6. From what I've read, AMD 7nm = Intel 10nm. So Intel should catch up with 10nm in 2021, but AMD is also talking about 5nm next year and maybe 3nm in 2022. It just seems crazy that Intel may have to ditch their own fabs to stay competitive. They were once considered the best in the world.

    It's also rumored that Intels 10nm will be a combination of fast and slow cores which should help it compete with the mobile Ryzen power efficiency.
  7. I immediately thought of that after I typed what I did. All it would take is Dell and Lenovo going over to AMD in a big way with their business stuff and Intel is finished.
  8. I've recently been buying Lenovo computers at work with AMD Ryzen APUs rather than Intel chips.