Kinect sales top 10 million

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    Yeah ,is a family controller as i can see and the whole family participate that's why is a best seller,the same happened with Nintendo Wii.
  2. Yeah it has done well, and a much more enjoyable gizmo than the Wii itself now.
  3. Really? What games surpass the best of the Wii out of interest?
  4. I was talking about the way you play it as opposed to the games. Being able to use your whole body to do things via Kinect instead of the Wii's hand-wand usage is more fun.
  5. I fail to see how it can be a much more enjoyable gizmo than the Wii when the best games for each are so far apart. Doesn't make sense.
  6. Because I find it more fun to use all of my body than just using my hand. I am not saying the Wii is shit as I love it, but I just see the Kinect way of playing to be more fun.

    Have you even tried the Kinect yet? I thought you might have by now.
  7. The store demo I tried was buggy so my experience wasn't good. I somehow doubt I'd be thinking it's much more enjoyable than the Wii based on all I've seen of the games. Dance Central seems like the most compelling thing I've seen so far and that's not enough to tempt me to buy it.
  8. To be honest it is far to early in the Kinect's life to even start any real comparisons as it only has a handful of games out for it, and for me the Kinect is more of a gimmick as it is more designed for party games and the like, whereas the Wii can house game as the Wiimote doubles as a controller too.
  9. People actually bought that thing? Wow. There's a sucker born every day I guess.
  10. The way it plays is new a lot of curious people enjoy the new technology.
  11. You played it, or are you just trolling? Some people actually enjoy things like this. That is what makes us Humans and different: Diversity.
  12. Kinect makes the Wii look like outdated crap from the stone age. I'm surprised that Wii sales haven't yet dived head-first off a cliff and plopped into the middle of a landfill. Mario must be delaying the inevitable.
  13. My kids but i played sometimes.
  14. For the Xbox fans

  15. Was actually talking to monkey, but yeah, lol.
  16. All motion controls are destined for the landfill. It's a passing fad we'll all be laughing at in a few years.
  17. Maybe so, but this passing fad will help us take gaming to the next original level. Same with touch screen.