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  1. So has anyone around here been tempted to get this? Or have you tried it? I've yet to get the chance myself; no shops have them set up and know one I know has it. I'm kind of interested but wonder if the space requirements would be a pain.
  2. My friends have the Kinect. I haven't tried it yet. All I know is that it tilts up and down by itself, like skynet.
  3. My best mate has it. His GF asked me what he wanted for Xmas and I blagged her to get this. She went all out and bought a brand new Xbox 360 250gb Slim with Kenect, and about 7 games.

    Anyway, it is a fun device, and it is miles better than the Wii. The highlight of the games so far is one where you can play football(passing, heading, dodging etc) and a fun volleyball game where you do moves like in real life. Kinect is well worth getting.
  4. Miles better than the Wii? What games overshadow the best on the Wii out of interest?
  5. Well for starters, the mini game and sports games are miles better than Wii sports and the like. Take for example Bowling on the Kinect; you actually have to pick the ball up, take a step back and roll like you would in real life. Wii bowling was similar, but this is miles better.

    There are obviously better games on the Wii at the moment, but games such as Forza 4 will be Kinect playable and stuff. The future looks to hold some originality for Kinect.
  6. I heard the bowling doesn't sense wrist movements - is that true? It's a shame I don't know anyone with it as I'd like to check it'd work in our house before getting it. Move was a pain so I'm guessing this could be the same.
  7. You need a lot more space than the Wii or Move does. We had to move my mates big sofa away so we had enough room. It is worth it for the fun and laughs though. The funniest moment so far was me and my mate playing the athletics games, and we were doing a sprint race where you have run on the spot fast and I somehow split my trousers does the middle trying to go at hyper speed to win.

    I don't think it does, but Microsoft are creating the Kinects version of Wii's motion plus so it can pick up things such as fingers etc. When playing alone when winning a point on something you can dance or wave or whatever and the other player can see.
  8. I can see advantages and disadvantages when compared to the Wii. I'm glad MS went with something different; Move pretty much copies the Wii and doesn't really bring a lot more to the table. Sure, it's a bit more accurate and it has the camera but that's not really that compelling to me.
  9. Kinect copies your whole body and mimics it. I was sliding my leg across the floor to save a shot in the football game, I was jumping in the air and smashing my hand to down to smash the ball in Vollyball, and I was running on the spot and then launched a javelin for the athletics games. This is just the start, I see great things to come.

    I still enjoy the Wii of couse.
  10. I think some sort of combo of the two would be great; it could be called Wiinect or Kiwii. I wonder what the next gen might bring. Maybe mind controlled games will finally get their chance.
  11. I am still hoping for V. R or the Hollodeck off Start trek. Now that would be some awesome gaming. Imagine silent Hill V.R You will literally shit yourself.
  12. Hmmm, I might be picking up a Kinect unit RIGHT NOW.
  13. There is only a few decent games, so just go for the two sports one and the mini game one. Wait until you play that football game where you shoot, move and pass. Its very fun.
  14. According to the newpapers the kinect has been outselling the iphone and ipad with ease since it release. Selling as many units in 4 months as the ipad did in 8! It's also going into the guinness world record books as the worlds' fastest selling consumer electronic device!

    Apple will not likey.
  15. It's a bit of a stupid apples and oranges comparison really.

    Picked it up with Dance Central. Sports sold out. Will post impressions later.
  16. I know comparing the two (kinect/ipad) is a bit silly as they're both totally different products but as far as consumer electronics sales were concerned I though Apple had it in the bag for sure.
  17. Right, quick summary.

    The kit itself is nice; the camera feels heavy and looks sleek. The fucker even moves about, whirring away in a futuristic way as looks for you. Set up is a bit of a fiddle and it does need a lot of space. We've got a normal UK living room and it really needs more. 2 player is pretty much out unless I move my TV from a diagonal corner. Needed to move the coffee table to and it's a heavy bastard.

    Using it definitely has the early wow factor of the Wii. It can lose sight of you and flip out a bit but it's a rarity so far.

    Game wise, I've only had a quick try of Adventures but it doesn't seem to be a showcase fir the technology like Wii Sports. The rafting seems utterly bizarre. Side step to steer? Huh? Weird choice. Was soon turned off, reminded me of a bad Wii party game. Dance Central seems much, much better. Great showcase for the technology and genuinely feels like a bit of a new experience.

    Overall, a bit mixed but has potential. Compared to Move, it definitely feels more unique but Move probably has greater capability for traditional games. I do wonder if Sony or MS have anything to match the best Nintendo have offered in this area.
  18. Adventures is rubbish so you need to try those other sports games.
  19. Kinect is destined for the dumpster along with all motion controls.
  20. Pretty dumb to bundle a average game if that's what Adventures is. Wii Sport was a fantastic game to show off and sell the system to others. I could imagine Dance Central impressing people but Adventures? Not seeing that being a great choice for generating buzz.