Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix

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    Square-Enix are still a bunch of mugging twats though since no Kingdom Hearts 2 HD will be with it. So it is obvious they will save that for more money.

    Awesome news though. I am a big KH fan.
  2. I never saw the appeal of a final fantasy for even younger kids with disney characters thrown in for good measure. Sounds like the worst idea ever on paper, but I'm sure it's better than it sounds... I still doubt it could overcome it's shitty premise that much for me to like it though. Just being a hater.
  3. It's actually one of Square's better series. The Final Fantasy characters only make cameos apart from a few story wise.

    It is real time fighting too so no turn based.
  4. yeah the basics are pretty solid if you just ignore (or enjoy xD) all the care bear stuff.
  5. Indeed. Focus on the main story line of Kingdom hearts instead of the Disney ones and its epic.
  6. A Japanese trailer from TGS:
  7. I might have to get this cause it's the weirdies looking game I've ever seen. I love the part where Donald Duck screams Soora! SOOOra!
  8. And if this is HD why are the characters hair composed of exactly 7 polygons?
  9. cuz their bald?? It's a real time remake!!
    Kinda like those SF4 videos collegehumor did xD
  10. That red haired dood clearly has more than seven polys in his hair, there's at least twelve!

    And how have you missed out on Kingdom Hearts the last ten years? It rivals even Halflife in the creator's reluctance in releasing number 3.
  11. Games with Dsney characters don't hold any appeal to me. These Kingdom hearts games look really gay. No idea what the gameplay is like (beating people up with a giant novelty sized key?) but everytime I see a trailer I just see cartoony gay lead guy, gay music, and Disney characters.

    Japanese Winnie the Pooh FTW.

    "Rabbito, Pigleto, Owuhroo" lol.
  12. The main story arc of the games is what keep people hooked along with the gameplay. The Disney worlds are just sub storys. Don't knock it until you played the first two.

    KH2 gets a bit more mature in its story too, plus has a Tron level. ;)
  13. So can I play 1.5 without having played 1 and 1.2 or whatever it is?
  14. It's just the title for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix and KH: re:coded(Ps2 remake of the gameboy advance game.) bundled together.
  15. New trailer is out featuring gameplay and scenes from both bundled games and the cinematic scenes of the third game.

    Looks good, but I don't see much if a change from the PS2 version. Looking forward to chain of memories though as never played that one before and that will bring the whole series complete for me.

    Anyone other than me interested in this set?
  16. Looks unbelievably gay. Plus, I'm pretty sure it's meant for like 8 year olds dude. 8 year olds with worrying tendencies, like dressing in their sister's clothes and playing with barbies.

    What will your parents think Phisix, when they find this game, and you have to explain to them that you're gay and that you like boyjuice?
  17. If you have not played this series then you have no clue what you are going on about. Things can be deceiving and can hide an epic story and experience.

    Nice one for trolling a thread for no reason though.
  18. I'd be on this if it was for PC. I haven't gamed on my PS3 in so very long.
  19. It is a good reason to dust it off. Along With the upcoming FFX.FFX-2 HD boxset and Ni No Kuni the PS3 is the place for RPG's.
  20. PS3 - the place for playing PS2 JRPG's in HD.