Korean Fried Chicken

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  1. Tell me everything.

    Never had it. People are like "OMG" and forcing me to try it Friday.
  2. bro.. if you thought your indian food binge was problematic, i dont want you trying this. this site will be down for years since you'd do it during your maintenance time.
  3. Is Filipino chicken close enough? I had this in Seattle. Thought it was pretty good. Oddly it was also a large bakery.

  4. man... i just watched a string of that womans recipe videos. So hungry now.

    It's not K-BBQ... more like the Chipotle of Korean fried chicken. Only flavors choices seem to be spicy and garlic soy.

    My main issue is that chicken wings are something I eat while waiting for my real food. Pretty sure I'm gonna end up at a McDonalds afterwards.
  5. Phew, we dodged a bullet with this one guys
  6. The menu looks like a food-truck style selection...
  7. it really does. the asian fusion style/food truck theme really hit it in america so you'll be seeing all sorts of this stuff opening up in big cities across america. it's really american friendly so americans can get a taste of specific asian food without being afraid of what they're getting.
  8. Yeah... I think I'd rather try a real Korean restaurant. I might go by myself since I'll be in Koreatown anyway. Not sure what I should be looking for though. Maybe I can order by showing a YT video because I really want this:

  9. Went to my first Korean BBQ place while on travel. No one in the place spoke English and we had no idea what to do. We pointed to pictures on the menu and the lady brought the food out. We staired at it long enough that she started cooking it for us. Then she just left and after it started to burn we finally got the hint that we were supposed to cook it. I guess we assumed it was like a Japanese steak house. I've hit a few more since then. I like them but they are expensive for having to cook your own food. Of course I feel the same about fondue.
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    korean food is usually separated into 2 sections. korean bbq and standard menu.

    generally, the bbq menu requires a party of people so you won't be able to do this solo. they give you special tables with a grill built into the table. depending on how american friendly the restaurant is, the servers may dabble around and grill the meats for you. the three popular meats you get are bulgolgi (thin slices of marinated beef), kalbi (marinated short ribs), and samgyupsal (pork belly). you generally make lettuce wraps of the meat with all of your side dishes (banchan).

    the standard menu would probably be the easiest for you since it's self-explanatory (and less expensive). they have rice bowls with bulgogi, chicken bulgolgi (uses the same marinade), or kalbi. other popular dishes are bibimbap, jajangmyun (chinese style black bean noodles), and teokbokki (rice cake with fish cake in red pepper sauce). i do warn that some of this stuff comes super spicey but i think you've gotten the hang with that in your indian food sessions. also you can't go wrong with their tofu stews if you're feeling like you want to be healthy.
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  11. I've done K-BBQ in college. Felt the same was as bfun, super expensive for having to cook your own meats.

    It's a standard restaurant menu I'm interested in. Thanks!
  12. Korean fried dog?
  13. Translation: chicken and waffles.
  14. Chicken and waffles is so yesterday. I once went to a Hispanic restaurant that served tacos and waffles.
  15. Double fried chicken was alright, not really my thing. Tried another Americanized fast casual style place. Got played for a touristy n00b... ordered 'Pork Joen' which was basically a Jimmy Deans sausage patty. The description said pancake... and there was nothing Korean about it. Kimchi fries were good, and I did indeed get waffles.

    I saw some 'authentic' dining, but it looked and smelled a little too authentic for me. I like to have different buildings separating livestock, butcher, and restaurant kitchen.

    Need to put some research into finding the fusion restaurants with the stuff khaid mentioned.
  16. Don't really have many Korean food places in my neck of the woods if any and as such pretty sure I've never tried it.

    Think there are more in Central London though, is it worth trying if I ever want to spend the £12 to get into town?

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  17. We've had 3 very good but poorly managed Korean places close down in my town. Now the best I can do is find a few Korean dishes at Asian fusion restaurants.
  18. How big is London that it costs so much to traverse only half of it? Do you travel by royal carriage?
  19. About 607 square miles.

    I live in zone 5, its £12 for a travel card which gives you 1 day of travel on buses, trams, tubes and trains into any zone. By the time you pay one way you may as well get the day card. No point driving into London, traffic jam + congestion charge + huge parking charges.

    I live right on the edge to be honest, we don't even have a tube station. It's about 15-20 minutes travelling by train to get to the nearest tube stop for me.

    I try not to go into London, too expensive and busy.