L.A. Cops Shoot a Guy Point-Blank Outside a Carl’s Jr.

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  1. http://gawker.com/5878794/video-la-cops-shoot-shoot-a-guy-point+blank-outside-a-carls-jr

    They tazed him in the face and there was no reaction so it's safe to assume he was probably on some pretty strong drugs at the time. Also swinging a weapon at police officers while they're pointing their guns at you is not a smart idea.

  2. I understand why he was shot the first time. It's the following 9 shots that are unjustified, particularly the 5 after he had collapsed on the ground. Pretty fucked up. I don't know what they are telling these guys in training these days. Over and over I see these goddamn videos of officers shooting or beating people to death after they have been subdued or incapacitated and can no longer offer any resistance.
  3. Par for the course these days with American cops. They're trained to think they're at war with the public.
  4. Well said. Our mentality of what police should be in this country needs an overhaul.
  5. Was that real bullets they fired at the guy? Overkill isn't the word for what I just saw.
  6. I don't know about you guys, but it looked like suicide by cop to me.

    If 4 cops have their guns pointed at you, winding up to swing your pick axe at one of them will end that way every time. Also, notice how that guy was still standing after the first 5 shots.... the next 5 may have just been adrenaline but still justified.
  7. No, there's a massive training problem if your target drops and is completely incapacitated and you're still pumping rounds into him. I'm not sure what they're telling them their objective is in training, but there's a major problem when officers act this way. Your objective is to do what is necessary to incapacitate the attacker, and that can include deadly force, but you are not supposed to execute incapacitated offenders and empty your weapon into him. Police have been caught beating, tazing, torturing, ect. other people to death many times. There's no way you'll convince me that continuing to use deadly force against a helpless, dying suspect is justified. Deadly force in this situation can be considered justified until he was helpless on the ground, then they fired another 5 bullets or so into him.
  8. Watch the video at, he gets shot 5 times and is still standing. You can see his head above the car facing away from the cops... He doesn't go down until about round #8.

    That guy sealed his fate. My only real concern with the cops actions is if the first 5 shots missed him. I can't believe he stood standing with 5 point blank shots. He had to have been blazed or the cop missed badly. If so, they could've killed so many people off in the distance.
  9. I understand why they shot him the first few times. The problem is that they kept shooting him, execution style.


    Two or three center of mass shots should have dropped the guy. I don't care how high on PCP he might be. I think you might be right about the cop being a terrible shot. He may have either missed or hit something nonvital.
  10. was this man really hungry or something?

    For all you guys that don't live in the US.. head's up. LA is pretty much a scumbag town especially if you're in a scumbag part of the city. All sorts of thugs and gang bangers. LAPD have a rep for being scumbags themselves due to this.
  11. I lol'ed hard at this because it's true.
  12. Well then enter the police academy and show them how its done. I'd like to see your reaction when a crazed guy high on drugs attacks you and its kill or be killed training be damned.
  13. He's just saying they should have shown some restraint. It's one thing to shoot a guy in self defense. It's another to go buck wild and execute him gangland style. The cops shouldn't be doing that sort of thing.
  14. I was a Marine for 4 years, so I don't feel I have anything to prove on that front, especially to you. I also have friends who are on LAPD SWAT and friends who are military "contractors," which is a politically correct way of saying "mercenaries." It should be drilled into an officer's head that your key directive is always to incapacitate a suspect. If deadly force is necessary, that's completely justified. Put him down if he poses a threat. But when you lose your shit and empty a magazine into an already fallen perpetrator, there's a major problem with your training. It demonstrates panic and lack of control in high pressure situations, which are not what you want in police officers. That type of reaction is what I would expect from a panicked, untrained civilian, which is why I stated there is an issue with his training.