Lady Gaga I Love/Hate You

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  1. Lady Gaga: Born This Way

    MP3 Album $0.99
  2. Didn't that Lady Gaga album just come out? That bad huh?
  3. Well the Album cover is ridiculous. The price might be some kind of Amazon promotion as it downloads directly to a cloud player account.
  4. [​IMG]

    LOL. Worst album cover ever.
  6. Has she been playing Final Fantasy XIII?
  7. The album itself is just as bad as the cover indicates.
  8. You don't like the Born This Way song? It's awesome.
  9. Lady Gaga I Love/Hate You
  10. Awful. Generic and tries to hard to be a gay anthem.

    I liked her first two albums, I gave this one two listens beginning to end, then I deleted it from my iPhone. The only positive I can think of is that I liked the Judas music video and it made me hate the song a little less.

    She needs to abandon this whole gay facade she has going on. I don't even believe she is really bisexual, its probably all for publicity because the gay community tends to embrace new dance music faster than everyone else.She should stick with just being weird and making songs about parties and love games, I liked her more back then.
  11. Gaga has frequently been compared to Madonna, but I don't think I've ever heard anything that sounds more like a Madonna than the song Born This Way. It sounds like a long lost Madonna song.
  12. How can you hate this?

  13. I can't hate it, but its a dumb song. Even a cover by a cute little Asian girl will only get a "meh" out of me.
  14. Lady Gaga is crap. She's a cheap tranny knockoff of Madonna, and his/her 15 minutes are drawing to a close.
  15. She's a freak. An oddball. Some of her songs are catchy I'll admit but she's one weird lady.
  16. So much hate. Where is the love?
  17. You may be able to love this but I can't.


    She's asking for it.
  18. Looking at that picture she looks like she belongs on a Star Trek set....
  19. She needs to sort her life out. She won't be remembered for her music in the long future, but for her weirdo tendencies.
  20. Is she post op, or does she still have junk swinging between her legs? I don't follow her that closely.