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  1. Any recommendations for a bookbag style carry bag?

    Can't stand the briefcase style bags from work. I've gone through two SwissGear backpacks now... the zipper blew out on both of them. The dubious quality is obviously not worth the obscene price tag they seem to command.
  2. I've had good luck with Dakine bags and packs. Good range of styles/sizes/prices.
  3. I've had this Targus for 2.5 years and not a single flaw on it yet. That' s pretty good for $30. I'll probably buy Targus again.


    My co-worker obsesses a bit over these back packs and say OGIO is one of the best. He says the secret is to get one that looks like the carry straps are built in rather than stitched on. He's had this one for 5 years and there is just a little bit of color fading on the outer shell. It goes for about $90.

  4. Thanks! All of these get rave reviews... ordered a Dakine Mission and picking up the Targus at Bestbuy. Combined it will cost less than each of the SwissGears. Checking online, the zipper issue is a common SG problem... I'm usually not so easy to swindle, think I mis-acssociated them with Victorinox.
  5. The only brand I know to avoid is Cal-Pak. I bought one and it didn't last a year.
  6. After 7 years of constant use my Targus finally split a seam. It's a small flaw but I'm guessing it's time to retire it.
  7. Dude, I don't remember posting this but nice timing. I've recently started looking for a new laptop carry bag. Interestingly, after 4 years with a book bag I'm kinda looking for the satchel / briefcase style this time. But I'm A LOT more picky now. I want something that will have the strap to attach to luggage handles. Also prefer the laptop compartment pulls out of the bag to make TSA screening easier.
  8. TSA pre man. makes life so much easier
  9. I worked with a guy last week who wore a satchel across his chest. It seemed to work well for him but I have too much stuff. I'm also a pocket whore. I look at these urban type of bags and wonder how I could survive with only 3 zipped compartments.

    Whats up with these TSA backpacks that open to a complete 180. They claim you can leave the laptop in the bag at security check point. Pretty sure every TSA person I've come across would yell at me for doing this.

  10. @bfun What bag did you end up going with? The satchel style bags all look like womens purses. WTF, I can't be rocking that shit. I think I'll just go with the best value in the book bag style.

    I saw the Samsonite Xenon 3.0 at Staples. But man their stuff is pricey. I regret not grabbing free Targus bags that were being thrown away at work a few months ago. They threw away enough for me to send two or three to every person on this forum lol.
  11. i'm telling you guys to keep your bags and just sign up for tsa pre! saves all headaches!
  12. First of all. Wut? Secondly. Wat? I'm needing a daily commute bag with occasional air travel planned.
  13. tsa pre allows you to just throw your bag on the belt without taking out any electronics so you dont have to get picky with a new bag or keep your old one a while longer.

    i got pre earlier in the year and don't care about that tsa line anymore. literally just a 2min process now. hand boarding pass to tsa agent, throw wallet and bags on belt, walk through, done. none of that shoes, pull out tablet, laptop, etc, nonsense.
  14. It seems like the tsa pre lines are getting longer and longer every year. I guess more people are paying for it.
  15. they are but that just means you're at a busy airport. the lines in pre are monumentally shorter than the regular lines in all cases unless you're going on the first flight of the day for an airline in my experiences.

    don't underestimate the laziness and cheapness of people. tons of people still and won't get real id
  16. So I bought a slim laptop bag from eBags thinking that I didn't need a large backpack any more. Well, pretty much every time I used it I wished I had a larger bag so I got the Swissgear 5358. The solid case for glasses was a big selling point for me.