Last Game You Completed?

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  1. Same as what games are you playing now. What is the last game or games you completed?

    legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

    Still as great as ever, and I never got bored of it even if I have completed it around 10 or more times.
  2. Dead Space

    -Storyline, which borrows heavily from Event Horizon
    -Upgradeable weapons and equipment
    -Creepy atmosphere
    -Nice graphics and art direction
    -Extremely gory

    -Controls on PC suck, even with the v-sync tweak
    -Enemies jumping out at you gets repetitive and predictable
    -Too many fetch quests

    Overall: 8/10; I'd like to try Dead Space 2, but I'll probably wait for it to get cheap on Steam.
  3. Fallout New Vegas: Mr House Ending

    Finally finished it and although I really enjoyed 'the game' I really hate the developers for releasing what has to be one of the most buggy games I have ever played. Because of the persistent crashing I will not be going back to follow the story against the NCR on the side of the Legion or to finish it on behalf of the NCR instead of House.

    IF they do manage to bring out a patch that actually resolves the issues then I will go back because I really did enjoy it when I wasn't swearing at it for crashing.

    For now the 50% worth of Trophies I am missing are going to have to stay missing.
  4. stole my thread I see Phisix tut tut.

    Recently completed Fallout: New Vegas, solid overall game but not as good as Fallout 3 and far to buggy to warrant replying seriously.
  5. I have about 12 hours on New Vegas and have only seen a couple of bugs. The worst was when I killed 2 guys with 1 bullet and then they rose from the dead as ghost and tried to kill me. I've never had it crash.
  6. Mine crashed several times and froze midgame forcing me to play 30 mins or more of the same mission again which was a tad annoying.

    I also had one of my squadmates ED-E just disappear and it didn't reappear for the rest of the game (About 30 real time hours) which pissed me off to No end and made it Impossible for me to complete some missions as he was still registered as on my team even though he wasn't I also had several other companions disappear randomly for obscene amounts of time.

    If ED-E hadn't disappeared the glitches wouldn't of really bothered me too much but it did and for me that somewhat spoiled an other wise decent game.

  7. I assume you are playing the PC version?
  8. PC version on Steam.
  9. I guess I spoke too soon. My game has crashed twice now. It began after I got a traveling companion.
  10. I've just Completed Dragon Quest IV on the DS, the last boss was annoying he transformed a good 7 or 8 times easy but fairly time consuming now to do the extra game content stuff :D
  11. Get Dragon Quest IX Bruv. A handheld version of VIII.
  12. hmm Intriging I may have to download it at some point as well as a stack of other new DS games, if my R4 is still in working order of course.
  13. Sadly, the R4 does not cut it anymore as they makers do not update it. This means all the new games from the last year and half will not work. A Cyclone DS is your only choice.
  14. You can get a replacement firmware for the original R4 called Wood R4, it's very good with compatibility updates and pretty much all games I've tried work.

    I last checked about 4 months ago, things were fine then.
  15. Interesting I might have to check that out, thanks Chi
  16. How awesome. I sold my DS when I knew my R4 could not play the new range of DS titles.
  17. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I'm not sure whether linking to the site is allowed so I shall not do it in a cryptic manner.

    I had to pee in a bottle one time when I was on the bus. Fortunately, only my closest enemies were around and not my friends and potential bosses. I left the bottle on the seat.
  18. typed all that In and got redirected to Wikipedia lol, tbh I don't really know what I'm doing when it comes to firmware ect and don't wanna cock up my card as it seems ok atm so I'll probably just leave it for now.
  19. Christ on a bike!
  20. Damn! I thought that might of actually been a link to a picture of christ on a bike :(