Last movie you saw?

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  1. Whats the last movie you saw?


    Vampires and werewolves. Not as cool as it sounds.
  2. AMC keeps rolling out shitty movies but hyping them up with sweeping orchestral scores in the commercials like they're masterpieces. There was the Chronicles of Riddick, which was hilariously awful, some Steven Segal movie, and now the Brave One, which is basically a horrible Death Wish remake with Jodie Foster in the Charles Bronson role. They need to start playing some better movies.
  3. Knight and Day

    It was an okay film with Tom Cruise in it. I got a few chuckles from it too, and camron Diaz is as hot as ever.
  4. The Social Network

    I found it boring. The facebook guy is a thoroughly unlikeable gigantic douche, and we're never given a reason to care about how facebook was made. It tries way too hard to be witty, and the dialogue ends up being more annoying than anything. The music was so shitty it gave me a headache.

    Maybe I would have cared more if I actually used facebook.
  5. I can't believe they made a film about Facebook, to be honest. I use Facebook, I still think the film is pointless. What next, a film about google?
  6. It was pointless. There was nothing terribly interesting about Facebook's backstory. A bunch of backstabbing pricks from Harvard made it. Whooptie doo. You could maybe make a half hour TV documentary about it, but even that would probably be boring.
  7. We should make a movie about PVC. The hardships and uncertainty we faced getting to this new forum.
  8. The hardships of eating Cheetos and drinking mountain dew while talking to dudes on the internet.
  9. Sounds about right. I'll start on the screenplay now.
  10. The King's Speech

    This was a great film about how King George VI overcame his stuttering and self confidence issues with the help of a speech therapist to become the strong leader his people needed during World War 2. It was well written and acted.
  11. True Gritt

    It was a pretty good movie in my opinion. Mind you, I don't really watch movies so I don't know how much water my opinion actually holds. Never the less, it had good acting and a decent progression through the plot; plus it had some funny moments too. A bit of a somber ending though.
  12. Saw DOA on the Dish's Starz free preview last night. It's not too bad... if you know what the arenas look like, they got most of them spot on! I cringe every time I see DOA and relate it to b00bs :| but hey! Why is that so bad?? I like fighters and I LOVE girls :p the combination is just AWESOME I don't care how 'embarrassing' it gets. as long as it's not just girls in bikinis like DOAXBV2 (the first one was fun though, it actually had volleyball comparable to Beach Strikers and the other vball games like that...), if it's gameplay that I actually like than it's an AWESOME game :p If not, an issue, heck a whole subscription to playboy is cheaper :)
  13. I also watched DOA last night. The movie was retarded beyond comprehension, but there was so much awesome T&A on display that I actually enjoyed it.
  14. Just like Baywatch xD and that was TNT, sorry not starz :( one thumb up, if your bored and just wanna see some hot chicks kicking ass. Personally I liked the art, but monkey says watch it for the hot chicks!! xD
  15. My 14 year old niece wanted to watch Twilight Eclipse, so I showed her the Rifftrax version. She didn't seem amused.
  16. When in Rome

    One of the most generic rom coms I've seen. It was awful.

    It's Kind of a Funny Story

    Good premise and it started off well enough, but it trailed off and I lost interest.
  17. I Spit on Your Grave (remake)

    It was torture porn. While the rape was hard to watch, I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the creative punishments she came up with for the rapists.
  18. Love and Other Drugs

    It was awful, so I just skipped ahead to the parts where Anne Hathaway shows her boobs and then turned it off.

    Paranormal Activity 2

    It was pretty stupid stuff just like the first one. Lots of grainy or shaky cam footage of nothing happening with about five minutes of actual horror movie. Lame.
  19. Paul

    At first I was a bit worried as the opening 10 minutes or so didn't even bring about a smile from me but luckily it got better as it went on.

    Pegg and Frost have always worked well together and seeing them play 'nerdy' characters was nice. I would say they are more nerdy in this than in spaced (Frost wasn't a proper nerd in spaced I know, just a bit weird) and comic books come up a lot as do references to older sci fi movies.

    Seth Rogen didn't do a bad job voicing Paul and wasn't overly annoying which was a nice surprise.

    Overall I quite enjoyed it.

    Apparently its not out in the US until March so you guys will have no idea what I am going on about as it might not even be advertised yet over on your side of the water.
  20. Do Pegg and Frost have the same sort of on-screen relationship like they did in Shaun and Hot Fuzz?