Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Phisix, Sep 1, 2012.

  1. The third and last game in the FFXIII Lightning series has been announced.

    Sounds....even more different this time. Thoughts?
  2. They should have stopped at 13
  3. I just can't get enough of FFXIII. Lightning was my favourite character as she was so interesting and memorable. I hope they do a super HD remake of FXIII next.
  4. They are only doing this so after all the wait Versus becomes even more epic.
  5. If it even exists, rumour is versus will never see a release.
  6. I'm going to kill a PVC member every month until Versus is released, starting with myself.
  7. Want to bet, Grim?


    It says: says "Congratulations on the 25th anniversary. Please wait for his turn to appear."

    It's alive, but this new FF and the online 14 on PS3 are first in line..
  8. Stephen Fry approves of this joke