Link to new forums in PVC Museum

Discussion in 'Pipeline' started by cmdrmonkey, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Now that we have a new permanent home, Steve should put a link to this place in the museum. I think that would help immensely in getting people on the MIA list to come back.
  2. Yea, atleast for the coming months or something.
  3. Agreed. I think he would do it too if we ask nicely.
  4. Is the link to the forumotion place in the museum? If so, probably worth maintaining that place so at least there's a trail to follow for stragglers.
  5. Ideally I think we should take the forumotion site down and just put a prominent link in the PVC Museum to PVCF3. Anything anyone would have typed to reach the old site now directs to the museum.
  6. Yeah, a link from the museum would be ideal. I think the forumotion place should be maintained with redirection information for a while - I think that place returns quite high when searching for the original site.
  7. Had a PSN message from Torq314 tonight saying it was a shame the old place shut unannounced. Explained what happened and gave him the new forum address but it seems we could lose some people if we can't get a link at the old place. It would be shame for those people to miss out on the chance to move but hopefully something can be done.
  8. Should we bother with this:
  9. This is legitimate. This is the future of PVC. We need Steve to put a link on the Museum for this place.
  10. Has someone emailed him already, or should I go ahead and do it?
  11. Go for it, This is your baby.
  12. This is our baby. The community rules!
  13. You're carrying my baby.
  14. I emailed him. I doubt he'll respond or do anything though.
  15. I wonder if he finally sold that 3D engine he's been working on.
  16. He should sell it to one of those hentai companies. They could use it in their latest rape simulator.
  17. I added a section in the About page.

    I can update the description later when you guys have a full site running. Got a logo yet?
  18. 'Some of them are considered dangerous and can bite your head off.'

    Sony zombies?:p
  19. Thank God! I finally found the place! I clicked my PVCF bookmark a couple of days ago and it takes me to a frackin' museum! It was like discovering that your favorite bar burned to the ground. I kept thinking, "What happened? Did Steve have a melt down? Maybe Shadow Fox hacked it! Maybe he was based in Egypt all this time!" And today, I finally decided to click on the About link to see what happened. And thankfully, Steve posted a link to this place. Oh well, now I can sleep easier.
  20. I just saw this. Glad it's helping regulars to find their way back.