Lionsgate and Dead Island = Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by khaid, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. sam b is hilarious. i predict ving rames as sam b if they are building this movie around the game story.. although i would prefer that they'd create their own story.
  2. A movie about zombies? That's a new idea.
  3. If they can match the tone of the original trailer, it could be good. If it's similar to the actual game, it'll have Vin Deisel in.
  4. A Zombie movie based on a video game no less.

    Because that worked so well for Resident Evil :rolleyes:
  5. i dunno man.. they're probably rolling in the dough with the resident evil movie series. what is it at now? 4 movies?

    i dont even consider the resident evil movies as zombie movies.. more like some random sci-fi with mutants.
  6. I'd have to say that those did work well. The movies were actually pretty good and they made money.
  7. I agree. If you consider all the movies based on video games like Tomb Raider, Doom, Street Fighter, Super Mario Bros, Silent Hill etc etc, the Resident Evil movies are fairly decent. I've not seen the latest Resident Evil film (Afterlife) but since it features the always awesome Albert Wesker in 3D I can't see it not being entertaining.
  8. Afterlife got rid of the supernatural powers and returned the series to just surviving. The Silent Hill film was good!
  9. I think it's time for me to shop my Dead Family Robinson script to Disney.