Little Big Planet 2

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  1. They've made it a lot easier to find cool levels with

    Once you're signed in, anything you queue up on there will show up in LBP2.

    If you have a PSeye, you can also show it those Q codes and it'll take you straight to the level.

  2. I was watching that rubbish Wicker Man film with Nick Cage earlier and on every ad break there was a LBP2 advert. It actually looks quite good, and all the character creations and levels made look fun.
  3. Someone has made a Legend of Zelda level

    As well as a Peggle clone from the beta.

    Windows LBP Edition

    A flight combat level

    And LBP Sackenstein. God knows how they achieved this in the Beta.
  4. WOW! I am amazed. In the first game I only ever saw side scrolling levels, but now people can create levels outside of what that offered. Truly astonishing!
  5. I've still got the work in progress level monsly, grim and I started. It starts off pretty strong but kinda falter where we ran out of ideas. Any suggestions?

    Someone also made Flower in the beta.


    And now for something completely different. Some animations.
  6. I came really close to picking LBP2 up today. The $60 price tag stopped me.
  7. Do you not pay full price for any console games? We pay about £40 which is about $65
  8. I only pay full price for "must have" titles. I wasn't sure if LBP2 was one.
  9. I almost never pay full price. Few games are worth $60, and it only takes a year for them to reach greatest hits status.
  10. You cheapskate bastard. It's nit a bad idea for a lot of games but the multiplayer heavy ones I like to get early.
  11. Yeah, singleplayer games I can leve until they're cheap but multiplayer games really need to be bought around launch to get the most out of it. It's no fun When the biggest match is 2v2 a year down the line.
  12. The first patch for Littlebigplanet 2 is out today. Codenamed "cupcake", looks like they've gone for a sweeter theme after their previous cheesy patches.

    The contents of the patch are: