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  1. This could be the most lol-worthy show of all time and deserving of its own thread!

    The premise is the literal devil is bored of hell and decides to vacation in Los Angeles. Some loose plot devices drive him to solving crimes on a weekly basis. Naturally he partners with an attractive female detective in this endeavor.

    Other TV executives must be shitting themselves, I don't think any buddy cop show will be able to top this plot.

  2. Anyone want to take bets on how many episodes before cancellation? My guess is two episodes.

    Are the TV executives doing lines of coke when they pitch and greenlight some of these things?
  3. The Devil plays a good guy? You know someone is going to take great offense to this. I could see this passing on the Warner Bros network but FOX is like almost as prestigious as ABC. Almost.
  4. I'm surprised to see Lucifer in the good category. Is it really good, or is it so bad it's good?
  5. I would say it's good out the gate. But could go either way after a few episodes. Only 2 episodes have aired for reference...

    The actor does a good job with the role and the character and his interactions are fun to watch. The obvious police procedural parts can be cringe worthy. The pilot was good because it was downplayed. Episode two is more in your face with the devil solving a crime of the week, and so much weaker than the pilot imo. Also, the plot relies on the lead actress being is an anomaly and immune to his devil ways cliche.
  6. Why does every other show on network TV have to be a police procedural? So we have a show where the devil leaves hell and decides to try being a good guy. And he does solving new crimes every week for the LAPD. It's like they'll work in some police procedural angle even when it makes no sense in the context of the show.
  7. I pretty much nailed it on the last page. Lucifer (FOX) is basically an alteration of Forever (ABC), which itself was an alteration of New Amsterdam (FOX).

    All 3 shows had a really great supernatural element about immortals in modern society. But they were all police procedural too. The supernatural stuff was 9/10, the murder of the week is 5/10. Overall they were still good.

    I would give Forever a shot, it only had one season and wrapped up neatly. It's also more PG than Lucifer, if you like the base concept, Lucifer has the potential to be more fun. Sadly, New Amsterdam got cancelled on a cliffhanger :mad:

  8. I liked Forever. it was a nice light hearted show that was easy to watch. well until he had some horrible deaths.

    I thought the parts where it flash backed to his past were the most interesting parts.

    right now I'm addicted to The 100.