Lupin (the 3rd) - Netflix Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by supersonic, Jan 4, 2021.

  1. Live action reboot of a very underrated anime. They seem to be going for gritty realism instead of fun and black humor. We'll see how it goes. The worst part of the trailer is I couldn't figure out which woman was Fujiko.
  2. lol this show turned out to be clickbait. But it's so transparently honest about being clickbait I almost want to congratulate them.

    Imagine a show called James Bond. But the main character is actually Bob. Bob reads an Ian Flemming novel and decides to become a suave superspy. That's basically this show lol.

    One episode down and it's not bad as a heist caper. A slicker version of Leverage updated for a new decade.
  3. Is it dubbed? Looked like it was shot in French and then dubbed in English in the trailers.
  4. Dubbed. The main guy's dubbed voice fits well. Some of the peanut gallery not so much.