Magnum P.I. - 2018 Reboot

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    I actually like the old Magnum PI. It's up there with Knight Rider, The A Team, and Airwolf as some of my favorite cheesy 80's TV. But this looks awful. I predict a mid season 1 cancellation followed by them burning off the remaining episodes.
  2. Tom Selleck and his magnificent voice are what made the old show work. People will check this out for nostalgia but I have my doubts that it will work past season one.
  3. Also his hairy body and short shorts
  4. Think the 1.3k likes to 1k dislikes and 0 comments should've given CBS all the feedback they needed. lol @ 0 comments, that's the most meh response you can get on Youtube.
  5. Did someone say Airwolf :cool:
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  6. Dude, those Bell 222 still look cool even in 2018. I occasionally see one and it always makes me smile. The 80s Trans Ams haven't held up as well.
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    I would advise against googling what happened to the guy who played Stringfellow Hawke. It will make you feel depressed.

    Anyway 80's shows always had the coolest intros and theme songs.

    I'm actually kind of amazed no one has thought to reboot airwolf. Special effects are at a point now where in the right hands you could probably make a very cool show.

  8. Used to love watching it. I remember an episode with a evil Airwolf which was better than the original.
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  9. LOL I remember so much of that show. The evil one was Redwolf... there was also a prototype aircraft XJ1. Good memories.

    @cmdrmonkey I saw a show a documentary about Airwolf maybe 15-20 years ago. Movie studios wanted him to be the young heartthrob box office star of that generation to replace aging heroes. But he was a severe alcoholic and could barely work a TV show. He was apparently drunk through most of Airwolf, and the main reason why Season 4 changed everything abruptly and sucked. The studios eventually found what they were looking for in Tom Cruise. Gives you an idea of how big he could've been.
  10. He nearly drank himself to death. He’s missing a leg, blind in one eye, permanently hoarse. He’s pretty much unrecognizable now.
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    Saw this today and thought it belonged here. It's funny how Uzis aren't a thing anymore.


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    In the 80s the smaller your Uzi was, the cooler you were. Just look at Jan there with his micro Uzi.
  13. Like a kids toy.
  14. Dude... I've watched some episodes of Magnum where they were very casually open carrying MP5 sub machine guns around like nothing. I've always wondered if gun laws were that lax in the 80s or it was just TV.
  15. They were. Gun laws got stricter in the late 80s and early 90s.
  16. Alright... I'm gonna say it. This show isn't terrible. It's not good either. But it's a fun show that has enough mindless entertaining to keep watching. Also, the theme song is still iconic and goddamn awesome.

    I think this would been a guaranteed success if they kept it generic and called it Hawaii P.I, it's just not Magnum PI though. The route they went will lose 50% of audience before they even start.