making good coffee and espresso

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  1. I think I've found the best all around method for making good coffee: Italian Bialetti Moka pots. Almost 100% of Italian households have a Bialetti, and now I understand why. It makes really good espresso, only takes about 3-5 minutes to make multiple espresso shots, and is super easy to clean. It's also dirt cheap compared to using a pod machine like a Keurig or Nespresso. I like my Nespresso. I just don't like spending $100 every two weeks on coffee. Good lord those pods are expensive. And no one other than Nespresso sells them (well Amazon does, but they actually cost more than they do from Nespresso). Still not as expensive as going to Starbucks all the time, but not far off either.

  2. Let's say 90%
  3. I have one but it's used exclusively for making tiramisu.
  4. I had a job once in college where I got free espresso, and that taught me to stay away from espresso. It's like legal meth.
  5. It's good stuff man. Espresso = real coffee

    Good coffee is supposed to make you feel like you just did some coke or meth.
  6. I started out with one shot, and quickly escalated to three. Had I continued, I would have ended up toothless, shirtless, and living out of a van down by the river in South Florida.
  7. But it would have been worth it right?

    Here is one of my favorites that I don't have very often because I assume it's really bad for me. Also it takes so much patience.

  8. I'm so glad I don't regularly drink coffee or caffeine in general. Watching other people every morning... they do behave like junkies. I did get addicted to Starbucks for few months once, went everyday at lunch. I would get into work at 8am and roaming the halls asking who wanted to go to Starbucks at noon.
  9. My Coworker always called it 4Bucks since that about what she spent there every day.
  10. Coffee I can handle, but I try not to drink any outside of the AM. It doesn't give me that hollow-eyed, shuffling feeling when it wears off like espresso does.
  11. I had a shot of espresso once. It was quite possibly the most foul thing I've ever tasted.
  12. Try a shot of wheatgrass juice and reevaluate.
  13. He's British so his opinions on food don't count. Also, I believe he said at one point that he used to like instant coffee, so his opinion on espresso really doesn't count.
  14. Love the smell of coffee but don't like the taste. Wife drinks a lot of coffee, she spends a lot of money in Costa and on their damned Tassimo pods.
  15. Recommend some beans for me. I just tried the Trader Joe Kenya AA beans and they were really good but I don't get to that store very often. Once the Farmers Markets open I might try searching for some local roast stuff. What else is good? I hear the real snobs get their beans roasted to order over the interweb.
  16. Yes Sumatra and Peaberry. Everybody loves them. Any brand in particular?
  17. No particular brand. The country where the bean comes from is usually more important unless you're going for either the really high or really low end of the spectrum.
  18. Gave this Sumatra a go. It was one of the most complex tasting coffees I've ever had but I didn't care for it much.


    Now I'm drinking this Peruvian coffee and I think it's one of my all time favorites for drip coffee.

  19. Bought myself one of those giant tubs of Biscotti at Costco. I love these things.