Man kills home invader with samurai sword

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  1. A man in Firebaugh, Frezno had to deal with two home invaders on Saturday. One of whom he knew from high school.

    One of the invaders had a gun, the other had a sharp object of some kind. The homeowner got free of his bindings and killed on e of the men with a samurai sword.

    Who needs a gun when you have a sword?

    Guns are for fags.
  2. I hope the guy gets off with this as he was in his own right against invaders, especially ones tooled up. If you cannot be safe in your own home then where can you be safe?
  3. @armadeadn

    So you have no objection to people killing home invaders, just so long as it's not with a gun? That's a pretty strange attitude. I thought British were supposed to be pacifists who just lie down and take everything criminals dish out until the police show up, and the riots a couple of years ago confirm that. What difference does it make what weapon is used in this kind of situation anyway? A gun is going to be less risky to fend off intruders than a sword. You sound like those idiots who think they're going to fight off muggers using Karate. Besides, I think this is just more hating on Americans honestly. You have this stereotype of Americans with guns stuck in your head and you just can't stop hating.
  4. Id have a gun and samurai sword. Like the bird has at the end of Kill Bill vol 2.
  5. That was easier than I expected.

    Seriously though with all the stuff I keep seeing on the net regarding violence and criminals with guns in America I don't blame any of you for carrying. I dare say I agree that you need them.
  6. I didn't know our lack of guns caused that riot. Good to know.
  7. No but lying down and taking it like pussies allowed the thing to spiral out of control. We don't put up with the kind of shit in the second video. Guys like that get shot.

    There are things I like about your country, like universal healthcare. But the way you guys just bend over and take in the ass from criminals scares me. I had a break in at my apartment once that I had to use my handgun to stop. I don't know what I would have done had I not been armed. The guy made a lot of noise while picking the lock on the front door, which gave me ample time to get my gun from the nightstand. He ran when he saw I had a gun. I didn't even have to shoot him. It took the police 20 minutes to get there after it happened, and it was just one really bored looking cop who showed up and filled out a report. You can't rely on police all the time. They just don't care that much and are slow to respond. Also, you can call me a fag if you want, but I was scared shitless during the break in. I don't think my heart has ever raced that hard. I had no idea why he was there or what he wanted to do to me or my girlfriend. Shooting the guy would have been doable in that state, but I don't think I would have done well in some kind of fist fight, and I certainly wasn't thinking clearly. Florida is a Castle Doctrine state so I could have legally killed the guy if he hadn't fled. Castle Doctrine is a fantastic law that puts the rights of citizens above the rights of scumbags.

    LA Riots:

    London Riots:

  8. I don't think a lot of us have the macho gun thing going on when it comes to worrying about our safety. I really don't worry about anyone coming into my home where I am; the police do a fine job where I live. I'd hate to live in a country with widespread guns like you have.

    As for he riot comparison, pretty sure way more people died in LA. I'd rather have the police having guns than shop keepers. Seems a tad more safe.
  9. Kendo sticks and nunchaku are where it's at for home defense, bro..

  10. Or a german shepherd high on ecstasy
  11. L.A. Riots deathtoll = 53
    London Riots deathtoll = 5
  12. Someone needs to make a samurai sword shooting gun to shut all of you up.
  13. Like I said, we shoot looters here. Most of those 53 were probably scumbags who got shot by store and home owners.
  14. Or store and home owners being shot by criminal scumbags, who can tell?
  15. Gunblade. ;)
  16. Shoot first and let God sort 'em out I say.

  17. Brilliant!

  18. Wow, that was a montage of awesome.