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  1. No Mass Effect 3 thread just days before launch? What the hell is wrong with you people?

    Anyway, Mass Effect 3 will allow you to be gay, which I would imagine will make some PVC'ers secretly very happy. I don't want to name any names, like Armadeadn. I can't wait for the Fox News reaction since they had a conniption that there was any romance or sex in the first game. Some talking heads are going to explode.
  2. I dunno what all the fuss is about, everything seems so clunky. The animations look like they were done last gen. and those faces, God, those faces. They'll haunt me in my dreams.
  3. Would you rather have the people in the Mass Effect games be made out of colorful blocks?
  4. I've played the daylights out of the co-op/ horde component of the demo. The major complaint I have about the online component is that the human Vanguard is just flat out broken from being so overpowered. It allows you to biotic Charge, nova, biotic charge...endlessly. This would be easy to fix, however. The biotic charge should do a bit less damage, and nova needs some sort of restriction the way grenades, rocket launchers, and other insanely high powered attacks tend to be. Vanguards in ME2 didn't do much damage with the biotic charge. The charge put you into a great position to pull off a close range headshot or two with the shotgun and boosted your shields. You had to use strategy to isolate your victim and plan an escape route to evade until you could set up a charge again. Currently, people are just spamming charge and nova. It pisses me off because the Vanguard was one of the toughest, yet most rewarding, to play in ME2, but people are just abusing this nova power and using very little skill.

    Anyway, I hadn't heard about the gay stuff in ME3. If it pisses of the neocon lunatics that densely populate the region where I live, all the better.

    Isn't it insane that the option to be a "Renegade" and throw people out of windows and murder people doesn't cause a problem, but allowing players to choose the option of having a gay character will make conservative bigots' heads explode?
  5. At least they're supposed to run like spastics!
  6. [quote author=AKS]

    Anyway, I hadn't heard about the gay stuff in ME3. If it pisses of the neocon lunatics that densely populate the region where I live, all the better.

    Isn't it insane that the option to be a "Renegade" and throw people out of windows and murder people doesn't cause a problem, but allowing players to choose the option of having a gay character will make conservative bigots' heads explode?

    The dating sim aspect has been a big part of the other two Mass Effect games, so it only makes sense that they give people more options and allow gay characters. I would imagine if I were gay, I would have been pretty bored with that part of the game or maybe skipped it altogether.

    I never played as a female character, but I thought you could be a lesbian in ME2. That was playing it safe though as most straight guys either don't have a problem with lesbians or get turned on by them. This is a more bold move and I like it.
  7. I can tell you for certain that you can romance Liara if you have a Fem Shep. The Asari are all female and don't seem to care about the gender of their partners.
  8. I hope there is a Mako.
  9. For all you sick bastards playing this game, Bioware has give you some alien camel toe.
  10. Bahahaha that has got to be fake.
  11. More camel toe for bfun's satisfaction.
  12. It's just EA being EA. Everyone knows they're too late to the party just like Microsoft with bing. They should cut their losses but I guess they'll just keep pushing it so they can turn a profit.
  13. Microsoft just wants their hand in everything be it profitable or not... it's just a bundling scheme. ie MS can do it's Windows/ Xbox Live thing unlike Valve doing a Steam/ Console thing simply because Valve doesn't have a foothold. MS will bundle Bing with IE or Windows to infinity. It may not be first or best, but it's gonna be the easiest given that you use IE or Windows.
  14. My homepage on my browser is google so I'd like to see MS make bing more accessible than that. They've got it on the xbox but I didn't buy a games console to use bing, or youtube, or stream music, or download movies, or use facebook, or use twitter. I just bought it to game.
  15. I just picked this up. I'm enjoying it for the story, but I do feel like they've gone way overboard in trying to streamline and simplify things. I don't think I could call this an RPG with a straight face. It's basically a Gears of War style third person shooter with some RPG elements. The dialogue trees have also been majorly simplified to just two choices in almost every case, which I'm not really happy about. Overall, it seems like the emphasis in this one is more on combat, which was never the strong suit of the two earlier Mass Effect games. They were mainly about the dialogue and exploring cool hub areas like the Citadel and Omega.

    Also, why the hell is there multiplayer in a Mass Effect game?
  16. Have you run across any camel toe yet
  17. Yes. Also, they gave Ashley from the first game a makeover to make her hotter. I always thought she was kind of manly looking so that's a good thing.
  18. the big marine guy has to be there for any gay fantasy...
  19. Without a doubt. But if you need further evidence, they hired this prettyboy candyass to do the voice acting for James Vega:


    Vega has to be about the worst character in Mass Effect history. His character has the stats and powers of a Krogan, so they should have just made him a Krogan, who typically don't annoy me. I would have preferred something as outrageous as a Volus Vanguard or an Elcor Infiltrator over this knucklehead.

    Anyway, I'm using a level 57 renegade Adept (continued save from ME2) and am pretty deep into the game. This will be the first time I've ever completed any game with the renegade/ antihero approach the first run through. My renegade choices have been darker than I expected. I've done some rather despicable things. I'm definitely going paragon next time.

    I thought the Vega and Jessica Chobot characters sucked, but otherwise it's been a really terrific game. There were a few points in which the design was just odd, with me getting rushed with very limited cover right as a fight begins, but overall it's been very solid. I really don't want to say anything about where I'm at and what's happening because it would involve substantial spoilers, which I try to always avoid.

    I've really enjoyed the online horde mode as well with the exception of the broken human Vanguards (Nova needs to disappear). Also, Stasis from the Asari characters is overpowered. Most of the other classes are pretty balanced. I really liked using the Turian Soldier. Marksman combined with an automatic weapon is deadly.

    BTW, I think I blew the romance thing with Liara because I ended up messing around with Jack. I guess that was a bad move trying to sneak around considering who Liara is.
  20. Agreed. Vega seems like a misplaced Gears of War character. He's annoying and generic as hell. Mass Effect really didn't need a stereotypical tough guy character. Also, I think I'm going to go put my head in the oven now that I know he's voiced by Freddie Prinze Jr.

    And that chick you mentioned is an absolutely horrible voice actor. Who is she anyway? She's real trashy and seems like someone from the cast of Jersey Shore. She's a big step down from the super sexy and sophisticated Yvonne Strahovski, that's for sure.

    Edit: Looked her up and she's from a bunch of retarded dudebro bullshit like Maxim and G4. She's pretty much an overglamorized booth babe. She's one of those chicks they pay to pretend to like videogames and nerdy stuff. Bleh.

    She gets angry when people ask her what games she's playing because she doesn't actually play games.

    Both are shitty characters that you can just tell the suits from EA forced them to put in the game.