Max Payne 3

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  1. It's been so long since we first saw those early screens of a fat bald Max Payne and I'd totally forgotten about the franchise. I loved Max Payne 1 (I had it on ps2 and PC, yes, I had a PC game!) but hated Max Payne 2 because they changed the face and feel of the character, fail.

    But now there's a slice of new info bubbling to the surface via Kotaku website via Edge Magazine:

    Guess he won't be looking like this anymore


    I had no idea Rockstar were making this. That's good news and bad news. Good news because Rockstar only make amazing games and bad news because this surely means we have to wait even longer for a new GTA.

  2. Remember Max Payne 3?

    it's been known that remedy lost the max payne 3 franchise ever since the game was announced. and if memory serves me correctly, that face you posted there of the original max was one of the writers from remedy, so yep, he will never look like that again.
  3. Remember Max Payne 3?

    All I know is that he was the creator and literally the face of Max Payne. Kind of wierd looking at that pic because it's a stranger that I kind of recognise, strange.
  4. Remember Max Payne 3?

    Max Payne 2 was awesome. What the hell are you talking about? Or did you play one of the gay console versions that looked like crap?
  5. Remember Max Payne 3?

    Max Payne 2 was better than the first by a little bit for me, but both were amazing.

    I really hope Rockstar get this right, I love the franchise. I hope whatever they replace the comic book cut-scenes with is equally effective, I loved that style. It went perfectly with the self narration.
  6. Remember Max Payne 3?

    There's a cult of people who loved the original for the face and simplicity of the storyline. Understood, but the second one definitely took the series where it wanted (and needed) to be. So much more story and ridiculous action. I freaking loved it.

    Hopefully Rockstar can at least hold that level of quality that Remedy had.
  7. Remember Max Payne 3?

    The Max Payne movie with Mark Wahlberg was on TV tonight. Wow, what a turd. I don't think anyone involved ever played the games. Max Payne had a story that was better than what you would find in the vast majority of Hollywood action films, so it's baffling that they fucked it up so badly.
  8. Remember Max Payne 3?

    I actually watched that in the theaters and I wanted to cry. The writers need to be punished for that.
  9. Remember Max Payne 3?

    You know it's bad when they have Ludacris playing Jim Bravura. You've got a young black rapper playing an old white dude. Like I said, nobody involved played the damn games. The games were already like movies. It wasn't rocket science. Just take what was in the games and put it in a movie. How hard is that?
  10. Remember Max Payne 3?

    Screens! Screens! Screens!

    I had no idea Rockstar was making Max Payne 3. The ultimate double edged sword in my opinion. On the up side you know Max Payne 3 will be amazing because Rockstar are making it. On the down side this looks like we'll have to wait for ages before we see GTAV. When they made RDR I was like, cool, now they can make GTAV! Then they announced L.A. Noire. Now L.A. Noire is out I was like, cool, now they can make GTAV! But now they're making Max Payne 3.
    Will we ever see another GTA?
  11. Remember Max Payne 3?

    It was in development ages ago, then it disappeared then it came back. I still need to play no 2. I may download it my PC and card can handle it..
  12. Remember Max Payne 3?

    rockstar lays down a date from their own mouth, march 2012.. and more info

    Same article mentions multiplayer too.
  13. Remember Max Payne 3?

    Max seems to have transformed from looking like a wise cracking smart aleck in a suit into a disgruntled Harley rider/MMA fighter with a wife beater and camos.
  14. Remember Max Payne 3?

    OMG that looks terrible. It looks like something from those asshats who made those godawful Kane and Lynch games. And multiplayer, in a Max Payne game?
  15. Remember Max Payne 3?

    I don't like the look change either, but the game still sounds good. No idea how multiplayer wit hbullet-time would work :/
  16. Remember Max Payne 3?

    I didn't like the look in the first place so...
  17. Remember Max Payne 3?

    Debut trailer
  18. Remember Max Payne 3?

    Helicopter. Ceiling fan. Wife beater. Boozing alone in a room. What does that remind me of?

    "Saigon...shit...I'm still only in Saigon. Every time I think I'm going to wake up in the jungle. Every minute I stay in this room, I get weaker, and every minute that Charlie squats in the bush, he gets stronger."
  19. Remember Max Payne 3?

    last saturday night?? -ohhhhh!!-
  20. Remember Max Payne 3?

    Max looks gay now. I still need to play Max Payne 2 though.