Meanwhile at Kickstarter ...

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by torq314, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Lately I backed Jeremy Soule's first symphony

    He needed 10k$ but the stretch goal was set at 100k to record it a recording facility. The community was able to gather more than 120k.

    Another project I am interested in is the one where they try to create glowing plants.

    What projects do you support (if any)?
  2. None, but if Yu Sazuki started one for Shenmue III I would be on it like a shot.
  3. I've supported a few smaller types of things like specific licensed tables for Pinball Arcade (Twilight Zone, Star Trek) and some visual artist projects. A bit skeptical about it in some ways though...the potential for scams is rather high.
  4. Red Thread Games set a goal to raise $800,000 through Kickstarter for Dreamfall Chapters. They weren't sure they would reach that goal but in the end they got $1.5 million. I meant to donate but I forgot and missed out.
  5. I missed Consortium, the spiritual sequel to System Shock 2
  6. That glowing plant thing doesn't seem that great to me. You'd never get great lumens out of them
  7. Well, their "replace street lights with trees" sounds exagerrated but still that would be great to have glowing trees. Something else bothers me - how do you turn them on/off on demand.
  8. I second this.
  9. He has said hints about the rights being buy-able and his favourite part of the Shenmue saga has not been shown yet, so there is a glimmer of hope.