MechWarrior Online

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  1. Looks awesome. It'll be free to play so that could be good or bad.
  2. FINALLY! Another proper Mechwarrior game! Unfortunately it's online only but that doesn't matter too much I guess.
  3. I'm just glad something is coming out. 10 years is too long.
  4. Has anyone seen Hawker? That too looks amazing, maybe better than this. Both are online and free to play and coming out at similar times.... hmmm going to be a showdown, mech style!
  5. Has it really been ten years...


    I'm not sure the original can be beaten by this upstart, especially the way it's looking at the moment, seems to really be sticking true to the original series.
  6. I'll be disappointed if this feels like a FPS. To me MechWarrior always played like a flight simulator.

    I wasn't able to find anything on Hawker.
  7. Fusion meant Hawken. It looks really impressive so far from the videos. Hard to say how it will play.

    Action starts about 3:20 in.
  8. That's the one. Mechwarrior online looks like it plays very much like MW3 but with better environments. Hawken seems quite a bit more intense and up front to me, with more unique to the genre environments. I agree that having to pilot a mech like it was a plane is what I prefer, but Hawken doesn't seem to stray from this really and still seemingly delivers much better action. I think the controls and overall polish look a lot better in Hawken, it's much more modern without sacrificing the core dynamics of how the mech is controlled.

    We will see!
  9. PVC mech warrior clan? Please say there's friendly fire
  10. I can't possibly play another mech game after steel battalion - that controller was just AMAZE. Game was a bit average though but who cares about such details?
  11. Yo what's a decent game we can play? My monsly stomping itch is itching
  12. Yes there is friendly fire and I'd but up for a little PVC clan based action.
  13. looks like Armitage' avatar
  14. I was in closed beta but had to back out. Friggin waaaaay too laggy and they expect you to have the highest end graphics card for it >< basically I spun in a circle most of the match and when I did right myself I found enemies that demolished me before I could fire. Def worth checking out if you like mechwarror but make sure your comp can support it. Otherwise it's all frustration and rage
  15. that's why I tend to not get PC games until they hit bargain bin. At least that's how they used to be. It's not so common now, but than again that is what Monkey always complains about.
  16. Re: Re: MechWarrior Online

    ouch, what are your system specs?
  17. Lol they are good enough for most games. Played some diablo 3 and dead island ect. Might just be my comp didn't like the whole bugged beta thing. Tbh I wasn't expecting much anyway since it was an accident I was even given access. They invited me by mistake then said as an apology they would let me play. I love mechwarrior but I'm gonna wait until I build my new pc.
  18. I started playing this tonight. The system works just like World of Tanks. Basically pick a mech and join a random match. The mechs are pretty balanced so you might pick an Atlas and think you are king only to get swarmed by faster mechs. It's easy to play with a mouse and keyboard and I didn't try a joystick. The fun factor is just average. The game has potential but it also feels like a shadow of it's former self. I'll keep playing to see if it grows on me. It's free so give it a try.
  19. I tried a joy stick and didn't have much luck. The game doesn't have anyway to calibrate the stick and things get messed up.