Metal Gear Rising: Revengeancetributionalisation

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  1. I couldn't find the original thread for this.

    Here's a new trailer and all I can say is yes YES YES!!!

    At first it looks like a typical hack and slasher which I hate but the combat looks awesome plus it's broken up with the usual awesome MGS cut scenes. Looking forward to this one. He throws a MG Ray into the air and proceeds to thoroughly pwn it! That's "revengeance" for having to kill 25 of the bastards without getting hit on European Extreme in MGS2, that took me months.
  2. My god that looked stupid.
  3. I can't believe you used the word "reveangence" Get out.
  4. Worst. voice acting. ever.

    Also revengeance? Hahaha that's not even a word.
  5. It's actually hard to tell if this is an intentional or unintentional parody of hack and slash games...
  6. Let the Xbots have their spin off. We are willing to wait until MGS5.
  7. hasbro called and said they wanted their font back
  8. Why does the sissy boy from MGS2 have someone's jaw duct taped to his face? He looks like evil Ash from Army of Darkness.

    I would say this was a parody if it didn't have Kojima involved. I guarantee you this was meant to be taken seriously. Very seriously. As seriously as revenge with a vengeance.
  9. Made by platinum games (Bayonetta) led by the nut, Hideo Kojima. It's deffinitely gonna be stupid... but fun!
  10. You can slice things in many different ways. This will be MGS: Raiden Will Cry.
  11. What happens if there's a sequel? They'll need to fit another word in there, like retribution.

    Metal Gear Rising 2: Revengeancetribution.
  12. lol. Stupid made up words aside I'm still looking forward to this game. It'll be like those awesome fight scenes in MGS4 only you're playing those scenes... kind of.
  13. I've never been able to get into the Devil May Cry-style of games. Those that do enjoy DMC-style should love Revengance, however, as the guy that created the DMC series works at Platinum.
  14. From

    That just doesn't make sense. The game was supposed to be a kind of origins type deal set just after Raiden was cyborgised and would feature this:

    I'm sure at the end of MGS4 he was somehow surgically returned to a normal body or something and reunited with Rose and his son. How would this lead to him being recyborgised and going on more mental killing sprees?
  15. Sounds like a great story. Way better than anything in those crappy Mass Effect games :rolleyes:
  16. Because Mass Effect's story was so original. I've never played a game where you have to save people from aliens before.
  17. Looks like a shit hack and slasher.
  18. Yeah I guess a sissy boy going for a sex change operation but instead being transformed into a cyborg ninja is pretty original.
  19. Even if that were half true it would still be more original.
  20. Mass Effect was super boring, I gave up after three hours of doing nothing but talk to people in a city, no fun at all.