Meteor explosion over Russia

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  1. Seems like our news outlets in the US are preferring the sad story cruise ship mishap in the Gulf of Mexico over this crazy ass headliner.

    freaking amazing.

    and now with blastwave effects
  2. This is a weird one of the same event...very delayed sonic boom from the meteorite.
  3. Russia has an interesting history with meteor strikes in modern times. It was also the site of the Tunguska Event, which from what I understand was just as devastating as a hydrogen bomb going off, but thankfully occurred in a remote area.
  4. Indeed, as a side note, an asteroid that was the size of the one in the Tunguska event just passed earth about 2 hrs ago, which was totally unrelated to this russian meteor. It's a good day folks.
  6. probly a little late but... I thought this was funny that it's in english!
    also no talk about pop cculture or consumerism junk just news now thats proper reporting.
  7. RT? Russia Today?!? And supporting actual news?!? Are you some sort of radical socialist communist fascist secret Muslim far left extremist born in Kenya?! There are no tweets, no American flags, and no remarks about what the Kardashians were doing when this happened, no sports hero making an ass of himself, and no 3D holographic displays. How are you supposed to understand the news without that stuff? Far as I can tell, you must hate Amer'ca and freedom if you like that foreign-lookin' stuff like RT.

    Actually, there is an RT America, and I watch bits of it all the time. I like listening to Thom Hartmann, a news commentator who is actually a liberal rather than the corporate con men and women you would see on MSNBC.
  8. I remember when the news used to be news and not political dribble.
  9. Al Jazeera does that. Straight news for the most part. But most Americans just see that name and politicize it.
  10. It seems that's an American phenomenon. I can't believe how biased your news is to certain political parties. Over here we have stern faced news readers that deliver the news and nothing else. American news just looks massively unprofessional when compared to most of the developed world's news. Even Russia do it better lol.
  11. The UK has broadcasting rules that require neutrality. It's not perfect but at least it stops the crazy spin you see in other countries.
  12. The least biased and most informative over here is National Public Radio/ Public Broadcasting Service. Of course conservatives have made a big push to defund both along with any public health service that helps the public, especially if it helps the poor.
  13. I listen to NPR for unbiased news. Pretty much everything else is political propaganda masquerading as news. I have liberal views and even I can't stomach MSNBC. I avoid Fox News out of fear that I might fly into a murderous rage. And I also avoid CNN, which is steadily turning into a poor man's Fox News.

    You know things are bad for news in the US when Stewart and Colbert actually deliver the news in a less biased, more informative fashion than the 24 hour news networks. And those are comedy shows that aren't even meant to be taken seriously.
  14. I think CNN leans towards liberal these days. That wasn't always true. MSN is pure liberal propaganda and FOX news is a conservative fear machine.
  15. Viewers of The Daily Show have scored higher than viewers of the big corporate networks when surveyed about their knowledge of current events, although there is the selection factor to consider. Viewers of The Daily Show are probably not going to be the same crowd that would watch a particular corporate news channel. Many of Stewart's jokes would require you to have some knowledge of the topic in the first place to get the joke. A crowd that would watch satire about about politics is probably a more informed group than average. In fact, it's astounding to me the number of people who seem to be completely clueless about the style of comedy of Stewart or Colbert in general. Many conservatives (probably the Teabagger variety) think that Colbert is serious about his stated positions and is a genuine conservative.
  16. The so-called "liberal" media never existed. The perfect example: the "tea party". It's not a party. It wasn't a popular movement within the United States even in 2010. It was simply a rebranding of the libertarian wing of the GOP. And yet the U.S. media fell all over themselves to give coverage to the "tea party".