MGS5: Phantom Female Gamers

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  1. A few very brief and amusing videos from the vocalist of the recent MGS themes and the actress/ model who was motion captured/ modeled to create Quiet.

    Joosten is super hot, and I love that Dutch accent. I'll take that girl next door (but just 100 times hotter) look over 30 plastic surgeries and 2 lbs. of make-up any day of the week. And despite all the endless bitching about objectification and her character's attire by feminist swamp donkeys, she seems to love being Quiet.

    Also, Burke seems like she's got a good sense of humor and is also having a lot of fun with the promotion stuff.
  2. I haven't seen one of her horrid youtube videos in awhile but I'm sure Anita Sarkeesian is having a meltdown. I applaud Kojima-san for trolling the over the top feminists.

  3. Looks like standard video game T&A to me. I doubt they were doing much deep thinking there.
  4. That Quiet character is pretty terrible. Shame that such a high profile game is so backwards.
  5. Nah shes epic.
  6. Coming from a game series where you could:

    Spy on a woman in her underwear from an air vent

    Jerk off to posters of women in bikinis in a locker

    Displayed prominent man crack

    Focused the camera on cleavage in cut scenes

    Had a man touch another man's balls

    Used porn magazines as a distraction tool.

    Had the end of every boss fight include an Easter egg where you could photograph the female characters whilst they did sexy poses.

    Quiet is pretty much par for the course with metal gear.
  7. Sarkeesian was going nuts over Witcher 3 of all things. Ciri is one of the most powerful characters and will probably be the lead character in future Witcher games, but those naughty bad guys say mean words like "whore," making the game pure evil. I'm sure back in the medieval Eastern European lore it's based on never had these unkind words or attitudes towards women. And of course Geralt is always treated with such respect and kindness by his adversaries.
  8. Monsly siding with the over the top feminists. Fucking lol.

    Dude, don't ever apologize for being a man and liking what men like. I don't see women apologizing for liking romantic comedies, many of which objectify hunky guys.
  9. I just think having a character like that in such a high profile game is pretty embarrassing for the medium in general. Sure, it goes on in all media but videogames seem way more adolescent when it comes to this shit. It's a pity.
  10. Women don't buy or play these games, so I don't see the problem. Kojima knows his audience. How is this any different from a bunch of muscle hunks taking their shirts off in Magic Mike XXL? I don't see any women apologizing for liking Magic Mike, or guys complaining that it objectifies men and turns them into sex objects.
  11. Monsly likes wrestling
  12. SJWs seem to think all projects are/should be for some sort of greater good. But in reality they are done to generate money, and thus cater to a core demographic. Emma Stone took a lot of flak for playing a native Hawaiian in a movie earlier this year. She doesn't look the part, but the core demo for chick flicks are caucasian women.
  13. SJWs really are ridiculous. Hardcore gaming is one of the last places it's still okay to be a guy and like guy stuff, and they just can't tolerate that. They are actively trying to destroy our hobby. And I'm not even sure who they're doing it for. Women don't buy or play hardcore games for the most part. And if you consider a chick who plays Candy Crush a "gamer" you are an absolute retard, and that's definitely not the audience a game like Metal Gear is going after.

    I knew things were getting bad when I saw a tranny feminist (wrap your head around that one) on Gamespot reviewing GTA5 and complaining about sexism and degradation of women. Like a dude in drag knows what it is to be woman, and like the audience for GTA even cares. Fucking lol at all of it. I'm not even a conservative, and the over the top political correctness of this kind of shit drives me nuts.

    Vote with your wallets and don't let these people destroy your hobby.
  14. I don't understand the "destroy your hobby" stuff. Most video games weren't even capable of much more than cartoon graphics prior to the PS2/Gamecube/Xbox generation, which means a lot of the porn star misogyny is a relatively recent development in gaming. It isn't really that important to the entertainment.
  15. Is putting a hot girl in a game meant for men and teenage boys really misogyny though? I'm just not seeing it. No one is hating or degrading women. I think the girl playing Quiet is capable of making her own decisions.

    And if that's really the case then all those chick flicks with hot beefcake are misandrist and degrading to men, and Channing Tatum is being horribly exploited by women who can't see him as anything but a sex object. But I don't see anyone arguing that.

    Feminist SJWs are all about hypocrisy and double standards. They hate games because men enjoy them. And deep down they want to punish and subjugate men. Because in reality feminism is nothing more than a womens' supremacy movement. It stopped being about equality a long time ago. And supremacy movements are bad.
  16. I don't have an alarmist interpretation of what they're saying. To me, the main point they're making is that video games have a much wider audience than they used to and that it would be to everyone's benefit if game developers put more thought into how women were being depicted. That doesn't mean boring or non-sexy. It just means less brain dead and juvenile.
  17. Hardcore games really don't have a wider audience though. SJWs have just broadened what they consider gamers to include women who play Candy Crush on their phones.

    When women start buying hardcore games, then their opinions on them will matter. As it stands, they don't buy or play hardcore games. And the game developers are just giving their audience what it wants: boobs and explosions.
  18. This is only true if you expand gaming to include FarmVille and the like. I think 'social gaming' accounts for 50% of players now. But women aren't playing big budget games on dedicated consoles in significant numbers.
  19. I've never met a woman who even knew what a video card was. Women who game on PC are about as common as unicorns or bigfeet.

    When women do buy consoles, it's always Nintendo, and for the girly and kiddy games.

    Most just play casual phone/tablet or facebook games.

    There are poser "gamer girls" who take pictures of themselves looking hot doing cosplay or posing with controllers. But they don't play games either. They're just modeling basically. When they do post videos of themselves playing on Youtube, it's almost always the boyfriend or husband playing, and they're just talking over it. Case in point: sssniperwolf.

    The majority of women are not gamers and don't buy hardcore games, gaming PCs, or Xboxes or Playstations. SJW feminists are getting huffy and puffy about something that's not even an issue because women do not buy real games in significant numbers.