Minaware App Launch Party

Discussion in 'Technology' started by chairmansteve, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. I released some freeware: PrivatePad. It's an encrypted text editor. See if you can find some bugs. For version 1.1, I plan to add a password strength meter and no password entry on quick save.


    I'll probably release more apps later, and perhaps ports. Got some app ideas?
  2. Why the custom algorithm rather than something like DES or Blowfish? CPU limitation? What the strength?
  3. I like using my own algorithm. DES, Blowfish, and AES are fine common methods.

    UBX1 is a stream cipher. UBX2 (not in PrivatePad) adds a jumble cipher as a second layer of encryption.
  4. I was confused. I thought this was an Android app. Do you plan to make it an android app?
  5. Windows apps can't be called apps? If I get an Android device, I'll make an Android app.
  6. Mmmmnooo. Unless it's for a Windows phone or maybe Windows 8.
  7. Whatever happened to calling them programs?
  8. program isnt used as much. its something your parents would say. application/app has been used for a long time, well before mobile OS's blew up.
  9. Application and app are two different things. An application is an application and an app is somehting that is hip, savy, and portable.
  10. app is short for application. has always been.

    the other meaning was only created in recent years when mobile OS's took off
  11. WTF man, I say program...
  12. Nope.
  13. if you don't agree with me, I will come to your house and climax on your face when you sleep at night.
  14. technically 'application' is a verb not a noun... :p
  15. maybe in friesian. in that case..

    if you don't agree with me, I will come to your house and application on your face when you sleep at night.
  16. I'd application doornob to your face.... wait this is just getting weird. Don't ever enter my neighborhood :eek:
  17. Is that supposed to dissuade bfun?
  18. Version 1.1 was released. Now quick save doesn't ask for a new password, and you can hide/show the password. The strength meter may come some other time.
  19. I released a 2nd app: SafeUBX. It's a file encrypter.

    If I release a 3rd app, it'll probably deal with images, not encryption.
  20. I released a 3rd app. It's not as serious as the first two. Ever seen an app that lets you hide files in images? Only 24-bit BMP is supported at the moment. You can convert the result to PNG or any other lossless format, but it needs to be converted back to BMP to open with Hide In Sight.