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  1. Is one server as good as the next?

    Do I need a guild?

    What should I look for in a guild?
  2. yes the most popular guild is always the best. more people to watch your back. passed that it kinda' depends on the specifics. some guilds have actual requirements. like when I played travian, a medeivel war rts our requirement was army as big as your city or multiple city;s combined pop and no-one within 30 squares of you that wasn't your bitch. See this game had capacity limits and high pop cities couldn't fit 1:1 armies so big players parked their armies at their neighbor's city. So anyway I didn't like travian cuz the best players always ended up looking like douches anyway so I dropped it as soon as I could.

    But other than Travian I'm sure other very serious clans exist like counterstrike or COD might require x amount of perps killed per death or something (obviously not COD:MW3 but...). Similar rules COULD exist in fantasy based MMOs or anything really. FFXI had 'NM linkshells' I don't know the specifics but if you didn't carry your weight your out. If your lookin for a serious guild and you will play every day you should look around for one with strict requirements, and MAKE SURE THEY ENFORCE THEM. In all MMOs the most popular guilds tend to be the greatest. Just be ready for many sleepless nights. or buy a slave to play at night. really travian players have been known to share their account US- Aus so someone can be on 24x7. I never got it to work... but it's a good way to get to know some Aussies!
  3. So the bigger the guild the better? I was part of a small guild once. It was fun. Everyone drank when they played. The longer we played the worse people’s typing would get.
  4. not really. And it also depends on your goal.

    the guild could be big, but they might also be a bunch of scrubs. you're better off finding a guild that has similar goals to you. A large quick progression guild of hardcores will do you no good if you're a casual. they'll surpass you within a week. you can do what you did in your last guild. find a smallish guild of other casuals that play to help each other.

    at that point though, you dont even need a guild. you'd only be in it to be able to get a quick group going for quests.
  5. During my last MMO I probably only ran with the guild about a third of the time. It seemed like there were always plenty of groups looking for members to run quest.

    I'll definitely be a casual. 10 hours a week will probably be my cap.
  6. What MMO?
  7. bfun has been talking about getting guild wars 2. I'm probably going to try it out after I'm done with borderlands 2.
  8. Guild Wars 2

    I feel like I need to be prepared for it. I’ve been reading the forums and people take this stuff pretty damn seriously. I don’t want to be a total noob. I played The Secret World for about a month and I felt like a noob with it came to the MMO lingo.
  9. Ooh. Tell me if it is as good as everyone has been hyping. Especially the new random quest pick ups.