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  1. Been using a dongle with mobile Internet for the last few years and the other night mine stopped working on my laptop. It wont be picked up in any usb slot so ita obvious it is buggered.

    Now, I am on three and always had great speed for mobile broadband so I want to keep the sim and my account on it. I was using a Huaway E220 dongle which is years old. Would a newer version on either three or unlocked dongle from Huawei take my simcard and work or will I have to either get another E220 model or get a brand new up to date dongle on any network?
  2. If the newer ones want a smaller sim just transfer the mobile number to a new one, Three will probably charge you about £10 for a sim. Just tell them it is a data only one and they will sort it all out in the shop.

    Take the old one with you so they have the sim card number.
  3. I went to a phone shop yesterday and they were all too expensive and 4g only. I just want a dongle that the sim will fit and work in and carry on as normal. So finding cheap deals for a dongle on amazon that my sim will work in is the only option.
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    Yeah but we all know how the staff in phone shops treat customers.

    You were just a sale to him, go back and demand a cheap 3G dongle, phone shop employees respect a man who knows what he wants.
  5. There wasent any there otherwise I'd have got one. They tried selling me a 3g simcard even after I said I needed a new dongle. Idiots but walked away.