Mobile Operating Systems

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  1. 1. Symbian
    2. Android
    3. iOS
    4. Blackberry
    5. Windows

    That's how the market share ranking looks now. Symbian is the leader, while Android is catching up fast. With the recent Nokia-Microsoft alliance, Symbian will be replaced by Windows Phone as the OS for Nokia phones. That's a BIG win for Windows.

    The mobile OS market will be a three-horse race: Windows, Android, and iOS.

    iOS - kids and hipsters
    Android - rollerblading hackers
    Windows - professionals and everyone else

    That's the inevitable conclusion of the three-horse race. Shall we say within 4 years?
  2. Of those three, iOS is currently in the best position for the professional/business market. Android still has some catching up to do in terms of specific corporate needs/wants and Windows Phone is much further behind that.
  3. I guess I'm one of these people:

  4. I'd say it's more like Microsoft are investing into a declining market - Nokia.

    Windows Phone 7 looks pretty good, but I'm not sure if it offers enough to turn Nokia around. Besides, Nokias mainstream phones, the ones that sell by the bucket load, will still be using Symbian. Maybe Windows Phone 8 will bring enough innovation to the table to return Nokia to their glory days.
  5. More realistically it will be a two horse race between Android and iOS. Everything else mentioned is increasingly falling by the wayside.
  6. This Nokia/MS deal will probably finally bring a Nokia smartphone that is hot again. I always liked nokia's smartphone designs.. they also have some sexy ass cameras on their phones.
  7. The Baconator's summary about phone OS's seemed pretty on the money for me. Alas, I have no idea where his grease covered fingers posted it.
  8. I wouldn't completely count out Web OS or Samsung's Bada OS in terms of future marketshare. I think I read somewhere that Bada's first year sales were higher than Android's first year. Plus, there's always the possibility that Google will scuttle Android in favor of Chrome OS in the future.
  9. I guess it got lost in the transition to the Museum. To paraphrase my awesome self:

    In the mobile arena, the iPhone is Windows. It does what you need it to, and just plain works. Android is OS-X with fanatical douche-baggers defending it to the death, regardless of it being a buggy POS. WinMo is akin to Linux, it works well and will get the job done. But it's not stylish and nobody wants it.
  10. Man how can anyone that is using a smartphone agree with this... i guess some dudes still using a motorola razr.

    As much as I love webos, HP has to make some ridiculously good decisions throughout this year for it to actually make it dent. Their webos in pc's plan is quite interesting to say the least.. but their push in the mobile market is quite zzz.
  11. What do you base that on? I have been using Android for over a year (2.1 first now on 2.2) and haven't had any bugs in the OS. I have had the odd bit of naff software from the store but the OS has been solid.
  12. I base it on Android being a giant plate of British food.
  13. The new Nokia Windows phones will be based on Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango), the updated OS coming this October. Mango adds IE9 Mobile, HTML5, multitasking, SkyDrive integration, and Xbox Kinection.
  14. I watched the MS presentation of Mango at MWC, the kinect portion was really impressive. Multitasking looks seamless too. A cross of webos and android.
  15. .....And what about Blackberry is supposed to be the best chosen for office people. :)
  16. It was something to do with the email thing I think. Blackberry's were just geek phones which have become fashionable now that fruit names are cool.
  17. Android is doing quite well over here, it is on 4 of the top 5 phones being sold at the moment, the iPhone is down in 6th!

    Looks like Android is really starting to take off and HTC are doing pretty well out of it.
  18. If ever a mobile OS names one of its updates "Black Pudding" that's who I'll be going with.
  19. Nokia should have gone with Android. No one wants Windows, and this decision will guarantee the downfall of their company, which was already in decline.
  20. I really don't know why many wants the windows phone to me is really something different and interesting.