Modern Warfare 3

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  1. Yes you read right, the 3rd Modern Warfare has been leaked. Look forward to more modern combat.

    Info in link above.

    That video shows screens and a bit of info.


  2. Well since the original team that made COD have all left/been fired I expect that from a gameplay point of view this game will be absolutely shockingly awful. They're not saying as much but Treyarch are going to be helping out and the fact they've called in several outside companies to help develop the online/multiplayer aspects does not inspire me with confidence.

    More importantly though, have you seen Battlefield 3? What DICE are doing with FROSTBITE 2 will absolutely smoke this game. Of course, it'll still sell shit loads of copies but then so did Black Ops...
  3. Indeed.. The MW name is gonna go down in the dumps (even more so than already since joe six pack hasn't got a clue wtf is going on behind the scenes in the cod franchise) once Battlefield 3 comes out. Pretty much a tragedy for the COD name.
  4. Without Infinity Ward, I guarantee this will be crap, but I'm also sure average Joe types who don't know any better will buy it in huge numbers.
  5. To be honest, I think DICE had already surpassed Infinity Ward BEFORE the implosion of IW. Bad Company 2 was a better game than Modern Warfare 2, and Battlefield 3 will destroy MW3.
  6. The first reveal trailer is out and it looks good. The end bit shows WW3 before the first W turns around to form MW3. Interesting.

  7. Looks kinda dumb and generic.
  8. I'd get it if there weren't a bunch of other awesome games coming out.
  9. I enjoyed both MWs online but the 2nd was let down by the amount of glitching and cheating that went on.  Activision didn't seem to give a shot so, coupled with Infinity Ward not developing this instalment, I'm far more sceptical regarding this sequel.
  10. I'm NEVER buying another CoD game ever again.

    If I want to play a shooter, I'll hedge my bets on BF3.
  11. But you have to finish the Modern Warfare story off!
  12. I'll finish the story for you: tough military dudes talk in raspy voices and eventually catch a Russian terrorist and shoot him. The end.

    If I want some gunplay this fall, I'll get BF3.
    If I want some story, I'll get Uncharted 3.

    I think I'll be just fine never wasting my money on another piece of Activision crap.
  13. Well I wouldn't be too harsh on it. For all the hate I'm sure it will be fun. Probably be a great game to buy when it hits $30.
  14. It takes 2-3 years for CoD games to drop in price. Ridiculous.
  15. this is why you got your demonoid invite heyooooooooooooooo
  16. I'm looking forward to MW3 but have no idea what it'll be like since only a handful of the original team are involved. If it's better than Black Ops I'll be happy. It can't be hard to beat a game that didn't even work properly for the first few months of it's life. I should hate Black Ops but I enjoy playing it for some reason. I guess I won't know if I enjoy playing MW3 until I buy it. Yeah I know I'm one of those sheep who keep buying games because they have Call of Duty stamped on the box, but I'll stop buying them when I stop enjoying playing them :)
  17. This only got an 8.5 from Gamespot. Ouch. Not a good score for a game with so much hype and advertising money behind it.

    Even Black Ops, which was a turd, got a 9.
  18. Haven't played any since 4 and don't plan to. It's funny seeing everyone go ape shit over MW3 though, everyone who has a clue got excited about BF3 and said nothing about MW3 and everyone who is a tard didn't even realise BF3 came out and a few weeks later goes nuts over MW3 saying it's going to be the best thing ever. The release schedule is so formulaic now that I can't help just picture Activision milking a literal cash cow and saying "look, this one has x new gimmicky feature and another 5hr ultra cliche mega-scripted single player story".

  19. if anyone is able to try out the spec ops mode, please give your impressions!
  20. There must not have been many people with a clue because all I saw on the internet for the last 5 months was COD fanboys and BF3 fanboys both claiming their game was superior. When will people realise that it's possible to like more than one game? I loved MW2 and bought BF: BC 2 and even though BF wasn't my cup of tea I can still admit it's a very very good game that works well online. At the end of the day with games as big as these two you can't just say one is great and the other is shit, they're both great, you just might not enjoy playing one of them.