Monday Night Combat

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by khaid, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. Free play until Sunday, March 20th 1PM PST.


    Also, it's 33% off over the weekend .

    $9.99 for a single purchase.
    $29.99 for 4-pack.
  2. Am downloading it now from Steam, might give it a try, seems fun:p
  3. Played about 20 mins and its pretty fun, the graphics are not bad either, everything maxed @ 2560x1600 and its pretty nice.

    Most fun is in the MP, especially with friends, its worth a try and perhaps a buy if its cheap.
  4. Oh and hey, i saw LAN support and the ability to host yourself!! Wow, long time no see :)

    Strange humor this game have:p

  5. Trail period has ended, thing is, Steam didnt delete the content but hided the game. Had to remove the allmost 4GB manually.
  6. It was pretty fun. I didn't buy it, but I'd buy it at $5 though. :)
  7. Wait for a weekend deal:p
  8. Unfortunately, that weekend freeplay actually came with the weekend deal I posted on the first post. It's normally $14.99 for a single copy. :( Probably will be a while before it goes on a special again.