Monster hunter 4u

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  1. So I've sunk about 70 hours into this game now, breezed through most of low rank village quests and started on high rank.

    The first monster, the Daimyo Hermitaur, a giant crab thing hits like a brick. First time I've triple carted in the game. Not looking forward to G rank after...

    I'm currently using a more rank armour mix that gives me sharpness+1 and fast sharpening but it's starting to feel a bit weak. Guess my first high rank armour is going to be that crab.

    Been playing online too. Pretty smooth for the most part and the community is mostly good. Just a few fools that can't follow instructions.

    No voice chat though. Keyboard in the guild hall but only preset messages on quests. Got mine customised to my liking.

    If you like dark souls, you should play this. It's definitely a lot easier to get into than the PSP versions
  2. Is this kind of like Pokemon?
  3. No!
  4. Finally got this. - Never played any of the previous games but am interested why this game is so popular. - Now let's a medium rare...
  5. Are the cooking cats back in this, Chi? So many times wasted in 3U cooking well done steaks whereas the cats did all the hard work in Unite and the first two generations.
  6. You get the 10 meat BBQ spit again so no more worrying about that stupid BBQ head thing

    @ali_f friend code?
  7. Thank god for that.

    I will have to give this a miss for now since I am swamped with catching up on games and FF14 which is taking all of my gaming time. Don't feel like playing either so no point yet, even though I enjoyed the demo.
  8. Coming up to 200 hours play time. HR7, done all the caravan quests that have been unlocked. Completed the caravaneer's challenge and unlocked rainbow pigment.

    Got enough pieces from the Zelda dlc so I've now got the Zelda outfit and the hero sword.



  9. Whats the new monsters like? You done that oil monster yet?
  10. No, that's in HR8, I think. I've been holding back whilst I completed every quest and made some more charge blades. Daramadur is a huge snake like thing and is my 7* Urgent but the fight is actually pretty dull. He's just a health sponge that launches fireballs and has separate targets for his arse and his face.

    The game starts off a lot easier than the old ones, the caravan starts throwing frenzied monsters at you towards the end. If you catch the blight, you either have to do enough damage to overcome it, and received an attack boost, or you don't and have a defends penalty.

    Even tougher monsters in the form of apex monsters don't show up until G rank.
  11. Still playing monster hunter 4u. Currently at silver G crown and working my way through the G3 quests. These guys hit hard though.
    Currently using regios x armour which has steady hand (mind's eye and razor sharp combined) constitution +2, sharpness +1 and currently tremor resist gemmed in. Don't have enough slots to gem out slow sharpening but it's no big deal.

    Still looking at making a decent mixed armour set with good skills but my talismans haven't been too great so far. My best one is probably handicraft+5 ice attack +14, no slots.

    Looking to incorporate honed blade in a new armour set but making one that doesn't look terrible is tricky.
  12. So I've recently switched over to using the Akantor Severance charge blade. I was put off before because it only gets blue sharpness with sharpness +1. However, by working out the maths, it actually does a ton of damage with blue sharpness versus gemming in attack up XL.

    It has 1224 attack on its own, I've honed it for attack so it's now 1296.

    With attack up XL, which adds about 25 to true raw, we get 1386. (true raw for charge blade is the displayed attack divided by 3.6.) so 385 true raw.

    Now, blue sharpness multiplies attack by 1.25. So the attack becomes 1620. Which is equivalent to 450 true raw!

    My next most useful powerful weapon with 1062 attack only gets up to 1587 attack with purple sharpness (1.4 multiplier) and honed for attack.

    I've gemmed in artillery expert which gives me a 1.35 multiplier for phial explosions, which use true raw. Basically, this weapon is a beast. With power talismans and charms etc, I'm hitting 1687 attack.
  13. I think you're talking to yourself?
  14. I hope you're still suffering from your tonsil removal
  15. No, I read what he says about this game but I cannot replie as I am not playing it at the moment.
  16. New Monster Hunter coming. Looks great.
  17. Currently not confirmed for a western release, people are hashtagging #MHX4West or something to get it to come over.

    In other news, I'm now coming up to 500 hours of play time and have a Mr Resetti skin fit my felyne.

    Should probably try and get the armour designed by that final fantasy guy as well.