Mortal Kombat: The Series

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Phisix, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. I always thought that MK would be a great series instead of films.

  2. Did you never see any of Mortal Kombat Conquest? It was dreadful and only got a single series I think.

    Scorpion vs Sub Zero from said series.

  3. Yeah, but that wasn't made with WB. There will be more money and up-to-date Cgi and whatever for the new one. The one you linked is old and would have nothing like what WB will give this new series.
  4. I will put a fiver on it being just as rubbish as Conquest, this type of thing never goes well.

    It didn't work 10 years ago and I don't think it will work now, especially not as a show aimed at adults.
  5. I actually like Conquest. Especially the series finale.. it was quite awesome to end like that. Is the year on that correct? I could've sworn that show aired during my high school days. If it was 98-99, that would've been during my college years.
  6. I can't imagine live action Mortal Kombat being good, unless they embrace the cheesiness and make it hilariously awful.
  7. I wonder why it was named Conquest instead of Konquest. Weird.
  8. If it was anything like that short they did, then it would be fairly entertaining. Although that type of mindlessness worked cuz it was just a short. Well, if they fill it with violence and boobs then I would watch. :)
  9. Violence is the epitome of MK, so it will need to be 18+ type of violence. otherwise I don't want to watch a Disney made MK.
  10. I can see it being fine if they did what the first movie did: don't pretend that it is anything other than a pure action. Don't worry about plots or deep characters, just have people beating each other up. The problem is that is fine for a 2-hour movie, but I don't see how you make a series out of it.

    I remember when I first heard about the MK show. They announced it and the Buffy the Vampire slayer show at the same time. I didn't think either of them sounded like very good ideas.