Most of Religion is completely retarded.

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  1. I can't stand by and see stuff like this without asking people this question, are the people in these videos actually retarded or just really stupid? By all means feel free to choose your own belief system (if it even is a choice) but be prepared to have someone like me point out the fact that you're simply acting retarded.

    The people in the following videos honestly believe that they've been possessed by some sort of Demon or Spirit, and remember this is the 21st century, we don't believe in Witches any more, why believe the other fantasy shit?





    Disgusting and retarded

    There's literally hundreds of videos just like these floating around on the internet, and what scares me is that some people would watch them and take them for real.

    This guy can't be for real:

    Here's a response from what's fast becoming my favourite show on youtube, the atheist experience. They talk more sense than anyone I've ever heard lol.

    I just had to get that off my chest.
  2. Matt Dilahunty of the atheist experience talking so much sense it hurts.

  3. There are retarded people everywhere, in religion, politics, science, sport, etc...

    Although then I would also label most of your examples as "retarded", I doubt whether the name of this topic is adequate.

    It's not "Most of Religion is retarded" but rather "Some of religious people are retarded".

    The banana is my favourite :D
  4. If people just believed in fairy tales about a magical sky wizard, that would be retarded but fine. It's all of the hatred and violence that goes along with religion that makes it so bad. Religion isn't just nonsense, it's dangerous nonsense.
  5. Good example of creationists backwards science - have a desired conclusion, and find a theory to back it up!

    Clearly we (as monkeys) evolved to suit the banana, and even the banana tree itself could have possibly evolved to be more accessible as fruit trees rely on animals taking their fruit and spreading the seeds to other locations. Clearly a mutation of banana trees with tastier, easier to hold or peel bananas would flourish.