Most Overrated Classic Game

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  1. What’s the general consensus for the most overrated classic game EVER? What widely considered classic game do you consider to be a total SHAM? Don’t keep those controversial opinions to yourself; vomit them here and we’ll fight to the death over them.  TO YOUR DEATH, I SHOULD ADD.
    My own ill-conceived thoughts are:
    Ocarina of Time
    I’ve never got how this game is so widely considered as the greatest ever (see Metacritic, endless lists of the best games ever blah, blah, blah).  The storyline and the gameplay just never grabbed me and I got pretty far before completely losing interest.  It just lacked something to keep me hooked.  To me, A Link to the Past is a much, much better game.
    Metroid Prime
    This game doesn't get the sheer CONTEMPT it deserves. Great game to start with and I carried on enjoying it as I built up my powers. Then, about just over half way through, my interest dropped off a cliff. Waaaaay too much backtracking for my tastes, especially combined with respawning enemies. The bosses were also annoying cockfests.
    It's a very good game but one of the best ever, as indicated on stuff like metacritic? NO WAY. Not enough depth or consistency to be up there with the best.  I suspect the massive hype and review scores were more than a little down to the hugely evocative setting and atmosphere rather than it being a truly classic game at heart.
  2. Half life 1 and 2 fir me, fall into this category. The first halflife had generic alien planet hopping that completely spoiled the previous parts of the game and half life 2. Well, it's about as clinical and dull as it gets. There's no emotional attachment to any of the characters and the gameplay was pretty boring.
  3. I liked HL back in the day but my interest waned just over half way through. Mind you, I could see the appeal of the game as it was a big leap forward.

    Have to agree about HL2 though; I was late to the party with this one and it really didn't grab me at all. I've tried it a few times but lose motivation to carry on very early. I really do want to give it a proper chance but it just never captivates me.
  4. [​IMG]

    I will let you have the last one but for the first two you lose 20 points from your friend score, I now like you less than even Chi!

    Since it has come up recently I would go for Chrono Trigger. I don't understand why anyone classes this game as anything more than mediocre, the characters are boring, the music is boring and the story, you guessed it, is boring. The battle system is one of the worst I have ever used in an RPG and compels you to avoid all fights just so you don't have to put up with it. An all round bad game that bores me so much after only the first couple of hours that even trying to play it again puts me off all games for at least a month.
  5. We've already established beyond all doubt that MP is overrated. My OoT opinion is obviously rather against the grain but thTs how I've found it. The game is good for sure but the best ever? I just don't get that.

    I've got the DS CT and the PS1 re-release. I've never played it properly but it seemed pretty good from what I've tried. Just need to make time to play it properly.
  6. I'd say any and all Final Fantasy games. This may be my own bias here but none the less I find then over-rated. The storylines tend to be retarted and I dislike turnbased (or semi-turnbased) gameplay. Furthermore I very much dislike anime and as JRPG's and the like are pretty much anime games, I dislike them very much for their artistic style and character types.

    I'm sorry if my post doesn't make too much sense, but I'm tired and I just felt like ranting a bit. Please excuse any gramatical errors or spelling errors.
  7. The Halo Series, there just not that good! it's a decent shooting series but it's not as good as Call of duty or even Medal of Honor series of games, My favorite Shooting game to this day is still Black on the PS2 it was awesome.
  8. Ocarina of Time? Halflife's? Final Fantasy's? Really you guys.

    Ocarina of Time is always in the top 10 of every top 100 greatest games for a reason and what it brought with it, other games have used for their own. This game is also the pinnacle of the Zelda series and it is what the Zelda games after molds itself on.

    And with Final Fantasy. If it was not for Final fantasy VII, most of the awesome RPGS you play these days might not have existed. Final Fantasy VII changed the genre for the better.

    I am with my brother on the Halo's. They did nothing for me.
  9. LttP is a better game than OoT. It's a fact. I'm afraid it's not even debatable.
  10. bwahaha, you didn't even come up with anything to defend Halflife. My ruling still stands.
  11. Black and White
    Halo sequels
    Metal Gear Solid sequels
    All Final Fantasy games except 3/6 on the SNES
    Metroid Prime
  12. How about some facts or reasons on why LTTP is better than OOT?
  13. A Link to the Past is the greatest Zelda game ever made. I said it so it's fact.
  14. Uh... I think you'll find...
  15. I thought the Xen sections were a fun change of pace, and I'm not sure how you can call Half-Life 2 dull when it introduced the gravity gun and was one of the first games to do anything interesting with physics.
  16. You know the tram sequence at the beginning of halflife 1? That's what Half life 2 felt like to me, no matter what was going on, it felt like that.
  17. I thought the exact opposite was true. The early parts of the game didn't grab me. I didn't find it interesting until the marine cleanup crew arrived.
  18. The early parts were markedly different from most FPSs at the time, then it went back into stereotypical shooterville.
  19. No it is not fact, its is just a simple of you liking one game and not liking the other. Facts or reasons why on whichever game does give fact. It is the same as when you bang on about Final Fantasy VI being the only and best Final fantasy. It is a good game, but not the best Final Fantasy. Oh wow, Kefka poisoned of a whole village.

    I have played both OOT and LTTP a lot of times, and OOT is a much better game than LTTP, with graphics having nothing to do with it.
  20. I think you need to read a bit more carefully. Nowhere in this thread or in this forum have I compared the two Zeldas.

    I was referring you to this post in the hope that you would realise you should have been replying to monsly.