Moto 360

Discussion in 'Technology' started by chi, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Looks like this is available to order from o2 in the UK now.

    Since the update improved battery life, I've decided to order one.

    I'm still hoping they'll release the metal strap shown in the renders though, the one they have now just looks cheap.
  2. Haven't you already got a whole load of smart watches? Most normal people don't even own one.
  3. I played around with this at a store. By far the best design for a smart watch. My problem is I don't find it necessary. In the time it takes to raise my hand, I could just as easily reach into my pocket and raise my hand with a phone in it.
  4. Pretty much. Smartphones have turned watches into little more than fashion accessories. I don't think I would ever use a smart watch.
  5. It's almost time for the Smartwatches are a Fad thread. ;D
  6. @supersonic I own a pebble and have found it really convenient to be able to glance at my wrist at incoming notifications. It's a lot faster than taking my phone out of my pocket, turning the screen on and unlocking it.

    If it's important or requires a response, I take out my phone. Otherwise I just dismiss it. (Makes ignoring calls from monsly and grim so much easier)

    Saves my phone battery as well since the screen is on a lot less.

    With the android wear devices having Google now and a mic, I'll be able to respond to texts without taking out my phone, too
  7. Or the more eloquent "for fags" thread.

    @chi, a voice text reply with the watch seems like a compelling feature.... for $50.
  8. I've tried the budget offerings, terrible, terrible things.

    They also look like cheap plastic toys, much like the apple watch. You'd have thought Jony would have done up with something better.
  9. Necessary evil to house the screen driver and ambient light sensor since there's no bezel.

    Of course, if apple did the same design but stuck an apple logo on the black section, no one would have any complaints.
  10. It's only necessary if you insist on using a design that makes it necessary. They had other options.
  11. ^ Do you mean a square/rectangle design? Because that is not an option.... the M360 looks better and more elegant than anything on the market because of dial design. The rectangular smart watches are all garbage.
  12. That's the point: if the design team preferred a circle over rectangles, then why would it be acceptable for the display to not actually achieve a circle?
  13. They done good

  14. You can't say that, the apple iwatch isn't out yet.
  15. Why not use the photo with the white watch face? ;D

  16. Because that was the first one I found with the apple iwatch next to it.
  17. It's just Apple Watch by the way. No "i".
  18. When I played with it, I didn't realize that black space. They had a black dial on it!

    It's the least of the problems with the watch though... the output doesn't contort to screen. It's a circular zoom with pan & scan. You would think they would take care of that by release...

    Like monkey said, the M360 is designed to sell as a fashion accessory first, tech second. It looks like a nice watch, not those ugly square abominations.
  19. A... what?

    @alterego everyone calls it an iwatch