Muhammad Ali talks racial integration and segregation

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  1. So here I go again pushing the controversy. I think Mr. Ali is 100% right. I've known more blacks with this opinion than 'racist rednecks'. In fact, the most hardcore segregationists I've known were black supremacists in college. Like the comments say- it's funny that if Ali was white, the interviewer would be crying "racist bigot!". Instead he doesn't have shit to say.

    P.S.- True diversity doesn't force integration and thus destruction of other races and cultures. This has nothing to do with racism. I personally don't hate anybody because it's irrational and most of my best friends were Asian or whatever growing up. The only people that believe the shit that interviewer says are brainwashed tools. Even the powers that be don't buy that shit.

    An awesome article for anyone interested in the topic:
  2. All this really demonstrates is that black people can be just as racist as white people. This is the same kind of crap that people spew constantly on Stormfront, except it's coming from a black man.

    There's nothing wrong with mixed race families. There is something wrong with racist asshats.
  3. Ali's opinion became redundant as soon as he said "God made us different".
  4. My brain is racist... but my penis is a humanitarian!
    - Chappelle
  5. I disagree with just about every one of Ali's premises. Problems or fears encountered by interracial couples are not due to differences between races, backgrounds, or cultures. Rather, problems encountered are typically due to racism within society that leads people to think there are problems with such perceived differences. Most of my last few girlfriends tend to be from different backgrounds and are often a different race. I'm drawn to women who have had different life and cultural experiences. The single disadvantage I've found regarding dating a woman from another race is that I may be subject to bigotry from racist idiots.
  6. This sounds like the same shell game that people like Ron Paul push. They always claim that they personally don't hate others, personally don't discriminate, and personally support equal rights under the Constitution BUT they also object to the federal government passing laws that enforce equal rights. So, in other words, despite their own supposed personal agreement with equality, they don't want others in society to have to face any legal consequences for discriminatory behavior...which means this is simply a bogus way of winking at racists etc. while they campaign for office and pledge their love of the Constitution.
  7. QFT. There's nothing inherently wrong with mixed race couples. It's the racist asshats who can't deal with mixed race couples who create problems.
  8. Another new great anti-globalist video on preserving TRUE human diversity and freedom by Dr. David Duke: