Muslim Grooming Gangs

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  1. Has anybody seen the BBC drama Three Girls over the last few nights?

    I remember in the 90's at school hearing rumours of this kind of thing going on but it was all brushed under the carpet.

    I also remember being called a racist by Ichi some years ago on the old forum for even suggesting the mass abuse was going on.

    I just hope now that the truth is emerging that a crime can be a crime regardless of race, religion etc.
  2. Must they be labeled with such British terminology. Call them fucking pedophiles like everyone else.
  3. I was watching a documentary about some US soldiers trying to train a group of Iraqi soldiers. The goal was to train them and get out of Iraq. The video showed just how utterly hopeless that was going to be. A majority of the Iraqi troops were addicted to drugs, would steal anything not nailed down, and randomly leave or bounce their allegiance between the Taliban and the government. The worst part however was how the US troops had to turn their backs on the Iraqi commanders use of chai boys which are basically young boys they'd collect for service and sex. The regular Iraqi soldiers were in on it too and the US troops would try to stop it. At one point the Iraqi soldiers complained, asking whose asses were they supposed to fuck and saying how it wasn't fair making them stop since they had all been fucked as kids as well. Very disturbing stuff. The US commanders didn't want to hear it because they were being forced to say how well things were going with power hand-off to the Iraqis. It looked like some serious PTSD was building with the troops trying to come to terms with the situation.
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    Were they Iraqi or Afghan soldiers? Pederasty is rampant in Afghanistan. Not sure about Iraq.

    This is the kind of depraved shit that goes on behind the scenes in a very sexually repressed society.
  5. It might have been in Afghanistan. That seems more likely.