my wife and i

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  1. My wife and I fantasized about how jealous and horny I would feel watching her with a lover. After some naughty chat as we made love, we agreed to take it up a notch and actually do it but with me on my back next to the toilet in the ensuite, bound and restrained under a camp toilet seat for them both to use - with me having to endure it and listen to them make love. The jealousy was unbearable and seeing my wife get fucked was only part of it! I risked getting shit on and having her "do" his cum in my mouth. I was made ready before their date - out to a show and dinner, lying in the darkened ensuite. Finally I heard the door open to our house and the sounds of them entering the bedroom! I watched him strip her.. touch her.. smell her bum and kiss her passionately. She returned the kiss and fondled him.. they ended up wildly fucking naked on our bed as I watched. I could see every detail - his glistening penis entering her, her erect nipples.. their whispers to each other. I was afraid I was losing her, her passion so hot.. then his sound as he came way deep inside her pussy and her little scream.. finally they slept and shortly after, Jane came into the bathroom and sat on the toilet.. my face under her. She mumbled that she had to pee really bad and after a second or two. psssssssssssssssss She is a very forceful urinator.. she ordered my mouth open or else I would be whipped! Her riding crop from equestrian activities had been placed beside the toilet! Then I heard her lover enter and looked up between her legs past her lovely pussy and breasts and saw them both giggling down at me! He kissed her as she sat on the toilet, pushing a little.. then a warm soft full turd eased down to my mouth and Jane smirked.. saying "eat". The light brown tip was coated in his cum - which she told me to lick. I could taste his chalky milk.. then her shit and she laughed, pushing hard to the back of my throat.. down to my stomach without chewing! I almost gagged but instead sucked her turd until finally she pinched it off and farted.. I had to chew the last bit.. then I looked up and saw her holding his penis as he stood astride her, facing her on the toilet.. his moist slit that had just fucked my wife.. was getting ready to go on me! When it did, it frothed in my mouth as my wife giggled. I pleaded.. she ignored me.. I actually sobbed the humiliation and jealousy was so intense! Then I heard her ask him to crop my bare bottom as I lay there with my legs up.. I pleaded.. oh no! please Jane, no!! She just whispered to him.."harder!" Thats when I cried and she started doing the rest of her business! Her fingers in her clit, bringing her to cum wildly.. So when you ask - am I experienced... I really think so!