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  1. The laptop I use was given to me back in 2010, I know it was a couple of years old already. I keep forgetting its age because it's been dressed up in win7 for a couple of years now. The battery is now screwed and will cut out if unplugged for more than 10 minutes. I've found myself using it much less since I got my iPad but I definitely need a laptop because it's what I use to make the videos I upload to YouTube, plus the mobile verse of YouTube is just wank and lacking all the features I use such as auto playlists and being able to respond to comments. I'd like to buy a laptop that could play some games with great graphics like Skyrim for example, I'd love to take advantage of the modding community for that game. Who knows, maybe a PC would be better for me, I just don't have a desk to be sat at. Would it be viable to have a gaming PC sitting next to the comfy chair in the games room and have it plays through the HDTV so I can essentially use my console gaming seating set up. I've done a similar thing in the last with my laptop, I had the keyboard on my lap, the mouse on the arm of the chair, but my laptop was connected with the VGA(?) as my laptop has no HDMI outputs. This could be my foray into the world of PC gaming.
  2. Why would you need the PC next to you? Couldn't you just use a wireless mouse and keyboard?

    You'd get a much better performance to cost ratio with a desktop. Gaming laptops seem to be a bit of a wasteful luxury from what I've heard.
  3. We've had this conversation before. Gaming laptops were too much money, and you didn't want to build a desktop. Why don't you just get a replacement battery for your current laptop and stick to console gaming?,921.0.html
  4. I've been looking at laptops myself. The best I could find for price to specs is:

    Lenovo IdeaPad Y580 - $800-950 (depending on coupons, discounts, and CC cashback)
    - i7 3610
    - 8GB Memory
    - 1TB Hdd 32GB SSD Cache
    - nVidia GTX660M 2GB
    - 15.6" 1080p screen

    I have until the 31st to pull the trigger on this in order to get 15% in Discover Card cashback. The reason I have waited so long is people who bought in on the deal on Black Friday still haven't gotten their laptops delivered. Lenovo can take 6-8 weeks, and I don't know if I can just sit tight until March waiting for my laptop.

    A close second would be the HP Envy line. They only thing they didn't offer was the 660M and it had a 1660x900 screen for about $700.
  5. Keep in mind that he's in Britain, so that laptop would cost probably 2-3x as much there. I'm pretty sure we came to the conclusion in the other thread that PC gaming isn't really doable in Britain. They have nothing equivalent to NewEgg and their prices on PCs and PC hardware are outrageous. Their prices are equivalent to what we used to pay for PCs in the US back in the 1980s and 1990s. I know Phisix just got a laptop for like $800 or $900 and it was equivalent to a $300 Walmart laptop in the US.

    Edit: I'm looking on the Lenovo UK website, and they don't even sell a Y580 with those specs. You can get one with a crappier video card (650M), but it's $1500. An Ideapad isn't worth $1500.
  6. Wow. They get ripped off pretty bad. He should use a mail forwarding service to buy from the US site. Why the hell are prices so high? Do they want people to be technologically inferior in a global economy?
  7. 2-3x isn't a fair guess I would say 1.5x but you guys don't pay tax online which is what make the difference. We pay 20% tax on everything.

    One day you will pay tax online and you will be in the same boat as us.
  8. Our sales tax varies by state, typically 0-8%.
  9. @Supersonic

    This would be roughly equivalent to the laptop you posted (slightly worse CPU, slightly better GPU), but it's $2250. Wow, what a steal. Britain sucks shit for food and buying computers apparently. You'd be better off importing something from the US.

  10. That day is coming soon. Sux. With the exception of food I don't buy anything from a B&M store anymore.
  11. If you want it mainly for gaming then get a desktop otherwise you will be dissapointed like me. For everything other than gaming, a lappy will do you fine.
  12. That Samsung as a 17'' 3D screen, bad choice or you just chose it for shock factor.
  13. we do pay tax online. but only if the online retailer has a presence in the state you live in. so I dont pay tax when I order from Amazon since I live in north Carolina. but if i move to California, or any other states they have distribution centers in, I will pay tax.
  14. @bfun

    Not really. Our sales tax isn't nearly that high. And even without the VAT factored in, they're still paying about twice as much as what we do on most items.
  15. That was one of the few laptops I could find in Britain that would even be capable of gaming. Not only are your prices bad, your selection sucks too. I get why most Brits are console gamers. I really do.
  16. Wow. He could pay full retail for the Lenovo + international shipping + UK customs fees and still save nearly $1000.
  17. i5 3570K

    Newegg - $219.95
    Overclockers - £149.99 ex VAT = $241.98

    Only about 10% more, not the 100% (2x) you are trying to conjure up.

    eBuyer do it for £143.68 which is $231, only $11 more than the US before VAT is applied.
  18. Pretty much. Between the bad food and no good computer stores I don't think I could live in their country. Looking at their computer stores it's like I've stepped into a time machine and gone back to Best Buy in the 1990s.
  19. It's clear that the UK hates PC gaming.
  20. Everything in the UK is over expensive. We just deal with it.