Netflix v Amazon Prime

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  1. Their recent deal with Fox HAS bolstered their lineup... but they don't make many of those title free to subscribers, you still need to pay (1.99- 4.99, same price as non-subscriber afaik) for 95% of them.

    Anyway MaximumPC recently put this up, maybe it says the same thing...
  2. Nobody is really going to beat Netflix unless they really step up their game. And when I say step up their game, I mean like giant steps. It's great that the Kindle Fire will be able to stream Amazon Prime content, but where is the support for other android, ios, and wp7 devices? Consoles? Maximum PC pretty much mirrored what I said in my other post. The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

    One thing that kind of threw me off in the article though.. They were comparing streaming services, but at the same time, they said Netflix jacked up prices by 66%. It's was $10 a month for unlimited and 1 dvd rental a month. Now it's $8 a month for unlimited streaming but they took out the dvd rental part. Looks like you're saving money now imo.
  3. I estimated that Amazon gave me less than a third of what I got on Netflix too, I'm just glad to see I was right :)

    EVERYBODY says Netflix went 'up' 60%, have you not been payin attention to the media since they made the announcement?? lol. I don't know how my DVD service is, but pretty sure they add that as that is what you USED to get for 9 bucks. IMO it should be cheaper... at least unless you don't still have to wait for new releases... even than you have to wait for shipping, it should be cheaper or you could just go with Blockbuster (not sure what the price is, but physical locations all over the US helps a LOT)
  4. Of course. But I'm talking about THIS particular article.

    Netflix DID NOT increase price by 60% for streaming. All they did was separate their streaming and dvd rental plans. If all you wanted to do was stream, nothing changed. $7.99 unlimited streaming for netflix has been around since November last year.
  5. I'm certainly getting a lot less from them for my money now. I'm not technically paying more now, but I'm getting considerably less. I used to get unlimited DVD and Blu-ray rentals (1 at a time, though) plus the same streaming service I have now for a few dollars more. I nearly dropped the service as a result. I still may eventually.
  6. well they don't take into account the free shipping either so I'd say it's pretty even. when I tried to get blu-ray late last year, or early this year... they (Netflix) were gonna charge me 2 bucks more btw.
  7. Yes, that much is true, and I won't argue that. I'm just nitpicking the article and several other articles out there that that talk about the price increase when comparing streaming services when there was never any increase to begin with.
  8. if you can say your receiving 60% less than logicaly you should be able to say they'd charge you 60% more for the same thing.

    It rekwires sum thinkun.
  9. not really since they are comparing strictly streaming services. why use a DVD/unlimited streaming combo plan as an example for your article when you're comparing strictly streaming services. makes no sense.
  10. their not speaking about the subject the article is writen about, their speaking about Netflix.

    Fact: Netflix' price went up 60%, when even mentioning the service Netflix you expect them not too include that? I'll admit they didn't HAVE to include that, it IS sorta' off topic, but... do you really fight ninja's with a wet fish or do you use a gun? When talking about one's subject it might be prudent to include some extra info. The only price that is taken into account is the 8 dollars for streaming, not the extra charged for the dvd service.

    It's actually unfair to Amazon because they didn't include the free shipping THOUGH that is included with the price.
  11. IMO, when you write an article such as that, you have to include all relevant info such as your concern about the amazon prime free 2 day shipping.

    people say price hike in general for Netflix which makes people assume they hiked the prices for all of their services which is not the case.
  12. The selection for Netflix streaming blows goats. It's a bunch of one star movies. Both times I tried it at my brother's house we ended up just watching crap movies and making fun of them. One time we watched Troll 2 and the other time it was Hobo With a Shotgun. It amazes me that people actually pay for that. I'm not sure I'd bother with it even if it was free.
  13. TV shows is where Netflix shines.
  14. I think I originally paid $16 or $17 a month to Netflix for the 3 Disc plan (and there was no streaming service). Now I'm paying $20 for the 2 Disc plan + unlimited streaming. So yeah, the price has increased, but it's nothing outrageous...especially when you compare it to cable TV.
  15. Youtube!
  16. wow... 2 movies of recent and A quality... and Heidi...
  17. I recommend all of you guys watch if you haven't already. That movie made me laugh. Oh good times.