New 16-bit games

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by bfun, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Where is our 16-bit bitter boy?

    Steam released this two pack for $2.69 yesterday. I'm tempted to get it. Xbox also sells them.

  2. With both of them it looks like they were not sure if they were making an 8-bit or a 16-bit game, not quite there in my opinion and very basic. The SNES and the Mega Drive (Genesis) could do far more than anything these 2 trailers demonstrate in graphical terms and as a result I am a little disappointed.

    Also no battle animations, that's just lazy!
  3. But they are in 720P! That's a lot of bits.

    So are these a mock up of old FF games?
  4. The roaming parts look similar to older FF games from the NES era and maybe FFIV (FFII in America I think) which looked very dated when it came out compared to other 16 bit games. The other thing I don't like is the battles, I hate the type where you don't see your 'heroes' and have the enemy standing in front of you. RPG battles should be from left to right or vice versa and this also puts me off with this as it has many other older JRPG's that use a similar system.
  5. You just described FPS', do you just not like FPS'?? (or first person games in particular). is this a problem you face every day in real life?? lol
  6. Read my comment properly, I have highlighted the part that I think you neglected to read..

  7. Didn't Skies of Arcadia and FF7 use the first person view rather than side to side? It's been so long now I can't remember.
  8. No and even if you did have battles from behind (ultima weapon etc) you still saw your 'heroes' and there were battle animations.
  9. When navigating through the dungeons you got a first person view (with a 3rd person option as well) in Skies, FF7 was always 3rd person... accept that one part where your killing Aeri(th).
  10. Spoiler much.

    Also I wonder why she's calles Aeris in the UK version but Aerith in the others, that's always puzzled me. Whenever I played that game I never bothered to level her up because I knew she was gonna die anyway. I never got off disc 1 by the way.
  11. She's called Aeris in the US version, just VG nerds like to call her Aerith. I like to call Dark Force, Dark Falze, it's probably the WORSE translation error EVER. from PSO regarding the prolific Phantasy Star (I, II and IV) villain. I think he was Dark Falze in PSII as well though...

    And if you'd not played FF7 by now than... woops lol. Honestly your probly not about to play it anyway lol
  12. I played it back in the day and I've got it on my laptop now, I just can't be bothered to really get into it.