New biggest Radiotelescope of the world, in China

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  1. Currently, the title of world’s largest radio telescope belongs to the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, but by 2016 that is slated to change. China has begun construction of a radio telescope with 3x the capabilities of the Arecibo Observatory in a remote part of the Guizhou province in southern China. Expected to take four years to build, the Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope (FAST) will be the most advanced telescope of its kind.

    Well,we can't do anything ,china wins
  2. I wonder who they stole the tech from.
  3. Are they going to use this to delete all the records at the bank of england?
  4. As i can see China have a lot of money to do anything.I think they will arrive first to planet Mars.
  5. They need to get Sean Bean first.
  6. Set to Goldeneye mode!
  7. Goldeneye was definitely one of the best Bond movies of all time. Every time I see a radio telescope I think of that movie.
  8. I wonder how many shortcuts they'll take constructing the thing
  9. Depends if they don't bump into Xenia in the forest.
  10. It's probably half cardboard right now.